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Knowing almost nothing about our ancestors, my sister (Maryann) and I (Veronica) decided to start researching our family history in the mid-1990s. Little did we know at the time that we would find out so much, most of which we had either not heard about (the Polish side) or thought might only be wild stories (the Irish side). Not knowing where exactly to begin, we compiled the few records we had, such as our parents birth and marriage records, the names of our grandparents and their death dates, names of aunts and uncles and created a sort of inventory list by which we started researching our family tree. I miss the days when I used to use my vacation time to travel with my sister to archives, historical centers, cemeteries, and the local family history center. Nowadays life is more complicated and we do most of our research separately. But we always share everything we find.

We are always amazed at how the past continues to unfold for us. Every nugget of information we find fleshes out the bones of the stories about our ancestors and their families. We also love sharing our family histories and genealogical research. Sometimes it's all we talk about to each other. We research our ancestry and that of our husbands, some related families, some friends and neighboring families. We still have a few brick walls to break through. And every discovery we make still enthralls us.

Here we are at the airport a few years ago. I'm still the taller, older sister.



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If you have any common ancestors, or your ancestors lived near ours, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at with your questions or comments.

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Carter, Doran, Hall, Little, Mahoney, Pearson, Rafferty, Tierney, McVeigh, Smyth

Mirota, Olszewski, Szczerba, Tabisz, Wasik, Guwfa

Barnes, Rose, Albert, Eisenberger, Lockard, Stewart,

Barrett, Dakin, Betts aka Fettie, Fountain, Heal, Horn, Smith, Taylor, VanPelt,

Olson, Westbo, Solberg, Satelin, Larson.


USA: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, District of Columbia.

Europe: Northern Ireland, Free Republic of Ireland, Poland (Austrian Empire), England, Norway, Sweden, France, Scotland.