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Barnes is an English surname with locational or occupational origins. It may be derived from the Old English "bern" meaning "barn", for someone who lived or worked there. Or it may be derived from Old English "beorn", meaning "warrior", a name bestowed also on the warrior's son or servant; "bairn" in Middle English means "small child".

In Barnes family history, the family seat (feudal manor) in Cambridgeshire dates from 1066, when they were granted lands by the Duke of Normandy.

Barnes was one of the earliest emigrants in America, in Virginia by 1608.

Variations of the name in Barnes genealogy include Barnis, Berner, Bernes, and Bernys.

Barnes ancestors lived in County Offaly, previously called County Kings, in the heart of the Irish Midlands, but the family most likely originated in Scotland, townland unknown. By the late 1900s to early 1900s most of the family emigrated from Ireland to New York City, where they settled in a few of the boroughs, and also surrounding states.

John1 Barns
1786 – 1866

Sometime in the early to mid 1800s John1 Barns\Barnes settled in the Irish Midlands after emigrating from Scotland. Very little is known about him at this time. Nothing is known of his marriage.

Death Certificate of John1 Barns. Source: Deaths Registered in the District of Ballybritt in the superintendent Registrar's District of Roscrea in the County of Kings Ireland.
1. No. 62
2. Date and Place of Death: June 4 1866, Aughadoughlass, Coolderry
3. Name and Surname: John1 Barns
4. Sex: Male
5. Condition: Widower
6. Age at last Birthday: 80
7. Rank, Profession or Occupation: Laborer
8. Certified Cause of Death, and Duration of Illness: Mysipelas [Erysipelas] one week not certified no Medical Attendant
9. Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: John2 Barns Present at the Death, Aughadoughlass
10. When Registered: June 10 1866
11. Signature of Registrar: Mary Woods, Registrar
(Record received from Irish Midlands Ancestry, Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland, August 2005)


Barnes: Miscellaneous Records (work in process)

While researching the Barnes family Genealogy Sisters have compiled a good deal of information that we would like to share with other researchers.