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Arthur Patrick Doran was born in June of 1884 in Ireland. Arthur Patrick died Aug 27, 1914 in France and he was the first casualty during World War I of the men who served from West Belfast, Ireland.

Following are excerpts from the information provided to us by Arthur Patrick Doran's grandson supplemented by information found through other sources.

Arthur Patrick Doran married Sarah Hermon on September 12, 1909.

Registration number Forename Surname Surname of partner Date of marriage Registration district
M/1909/B1/450/1/34 Arthur Doran Hermon 12th September 1909 Belfast

Their only child, Arthur James Doran was born April 2, 1911 - the same day as the 1911 Irish Census and he is enumerated in the 1911 Ireland Census, living with his mother at 278 Cupar St (Shankhill area), Belfast, along with 5 relatives. The young family moved to 12 Merkland St. Belfast. This is the address provided on Athur Patrick's Will.

This is a copy of a photo that was published in the newspaper at the time of Arthur Patrick Doran's death (see account below). Newspaper clipping provided by his grandson.


Arthur Patrick joined the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles and was a Corporal in the Regulars. He was dispatched with the British Expeditionary Force to France shortly after the outbreak of war to try and help the French stop the Germans who had invaded Belgium and were on their way into France. The BEF landed in France Aug 14th, marched to Mons in Belgium and engaged the enemy then made an orderly retreat slowing them down. He died at the Battle of Le Cateau August 27, 1914 - a very important battle apparently: "The Battle of Le Cateau was certainly that in which British troops were most heavily outnumbered by the enemy on the Western Front up to the time of the German offensive of 1918. It can scarcely be doubted that it was of great importance in checking the German plan of campaign...It is pretty clear that the German First Army missed, late in the afternoon, such a chance of winning a great victory as seldom occurred in the Western Theatre of WW 1."

Arthur Patrick Doran is buried in Caudry Old Communal Cemetery in France. Caudry is a town about 13 kilometres east of Cambrai on the south side of the main road (D643) to Le Cateau. The cemetery is located in town. For anyone searching for the burial site of the war dead, go to CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission at This certificate for Arthur Patrick Doran was obtained free of charge from that web site.

caudry plandoran

Arthur James Doran

After his father's death, Arthur James Doran lived with his mother Sarah Hermon Doran and his maternal grandmother Mary Hermon in Belfast, Ireland until 1920 when he emigrated with his grandmother to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Grandmother Hermon raised "wee Arty" and he continued to live with her for next 10 years (at which point he would have been around 19 years old).

Artie's mother Sarah, later left Ireland emigrating to Toronto where she found work. She eventually remarried and had a second family with her husband Charles Gates. "Grannie Gates," as she was known by her family, died in 1970 in Toronto. Though her grandchildren didn't get to see a lot of her growing up, they remember her as a "real character" and loved her very much. Arthur James Doran died in 1968. Unfortunately neither he nor Grannie Gates talked much about the Doran family. Most likely he didn't know very much about them as the family became estranged with his father, whose family was Roman Catholic, married a Protestant. In a letter of Granny Gates (Sarah Hermon Doran Gates) there is a mention of Arty's Uncle James (Jim) Doran who emigrated to Australia most likely after WWI. One of Sarah Hermon's brothers also emigrated to Australia. The rest of the Hermon family appear to have remained in Belfast. Some preliminary research has indicated that while some of Arty's Doran uncles and aunts remained in Belfast, a few others emigrated to the Chicago area.


Arthur Patrick Doran's Parents and Siblings

Parents: Patrick Doran son of Patrick Doran & ?? and Mary (Minne) O'Hagan daughter of Henry O'Hagan and Margaret ?

Marriage record for Arthur Patrick Doran's parents, Patrick Doran and Mary O'Hagan, was dated 06/05/1880. Patrick Doran was a teacher and lived at 48 Mille St., and Mary O'Hagan was 19 and lived at 72 Raglan St. Her parents were Henry and Margaret Ohagan. Interestingly, a member of the Ohagan family was a witness at one of our own Doran family weddings in Belfast around that time.


Name:Mary Elizabeth O'Hagan

Date of Birth:   

Date of Baptism:17-Aug-1859


Gender: Unknown


Denomination:Roman Catholic

Father:Henry O'Hagan

Mother:Sarah Reid Occupation:

Sponsor 1 /Informant 1:Patrick Rogers

Sponsor 2 /Informant 2:Marg Reid


D O'TOOLE/   /

© Copyright Armagh Ancestry

Mary O'Hagan's birthplace, as noted in the 1901 census of ireland, was Tandragee, County Armagh. So we think this could be the right birth record. Tandragee is a village in the parish of Ballymore, County Armagh. When Arthur Patrick Doran was born in 1884 the witness was Sarah OHagan. When Mary OHagan married Patrick Doran on 06 May 1880 she was 19 years old.

The other Roman Catholic baptisms for County Armagh in that time frame, with Henry O'Hagan as the father: Mary O'Hagan, 13 July 1856, Mother Mary Wallace, Parish - Seagoe. Mary Hagan, 01 Nov 1859, Mother Rose Campbel, Parish - Lwr Killeavy. Mary Hagan, 21 July 1861, Mother Sarah McGowen, Parish - Loughgall.

Children of Mary O'hagan and Patrick Doran

Henry O'Hagan Doran, born 8 Mar 1881 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland. Died Dec 1899 Belfast, Ireland.
Arthur Patrick Doran, born June of 1884, Belfast, Ant., Ireland. Died Aug 27, 1914 France.
James McCann Doran, born June 1886 Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Death date/place unknown.
Joseph Doran, born 13 Sep 1890 in Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Died 18 Dec 1948 Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois.
Robert Emmett Doran, born 31 Jan 1892 Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Died Aug 1971 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida.
Mary Doran, born 1894 Belfast, Ant. Ireland. Death date/place unknown.
Margaret Doran, born 1896 Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Death date/place unknown.
Charles Gerard Doran, born 1898 Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Death date/place unknown.
Henry O'Hagan Doran, born 23 Mar 1900 Belfast, Ant, Ireland. Died 14 Apr 1939 in Cook County, Illinois.
John Doran, born about 1902 in Belfast, Ant. Ireland. Death date/place unknown.


Other Doran records that may be relations of Arthur Patrick Doran

I'm basing this assumption on the fact that both Joseph Doran's father and Arthur Patrick Doran's fathers were named Patrick. Just a guess right now, so don't take this as gospel truth yet. This Joseph Doran was baptised at St. Mathew's RC Church in Ballymacarrett, Belfast, Co. Down, as was our ancestor Bernard Doran (1858) and then a few years later they were all living near each other again. They did move away sometimes for work, even as far as Scotland.

Church Baptism Record for Joseph Doran
Name:  Joseph Doran
Date of Birth:  18 Feb 1849:  Date of Baptism:  26 Feb 1849
Parish:  St. Mathew's, Belfast
County:  Co. Down
Denomination:  Roman Catholic
Gender:  Male
Father:  Patrick Doran
Mother: [blank]
Sponsor 1:  Patrick Doran
Sponsor 2:  Alice Doran
Copyright Ulster Historical Foundation (Antrim & Down)
Record accessed:  10/7/2015

Church Marriage Record for Joseph Doran
Date of Marriage:  19 Nov 1877
Parish / District:  Belfast
County:  Co. Antrim
Name:  Joseph Doran
Address:  63 McDonnell St.
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Occupation:  HACKLE MAKER
Age:  28
Status:  Bachelor (Previously unmarried)
Husband's Father:  Patrick Doran; Occupation:  LABOURER
Name:  Susan Magennis
Address:  37 McDonnell St.
Denomination:  Roman Catholic
Occupation:  MACHINIST
Age:  24
Status:  Spinster (Previously unmarried)
Wife's Father:  Charles Magennis; Occupation:  SHIP CARPENTER
Wife's Mother: [blank]
Witness 2:  Ellen Hart
Church:  Belfast Roman Catholic
Copyright Ulster Historical Foundation (Antrim & Down)

This Joseph Doran lived at 8 Milan Street, Smithfield Ward, Belfast, in the 1901 Irish Census. He was 51 born in Belfast, and his wife Susan had already died. He was a Hackle maker, Widower, Roman Catholic. His daughters Mary E. - 23, , Margaret - 19, and Kathleen - age 15 were living with him. The first two daughters worked as yarn reelers, and Kathleen was listed as the housekeeper. All born in Belfast. They were living at McDonnell Street for most of the children's births. In the 1911 Irish Census Joseph Doran Hackle Maker was living at 21 Garnet Street, Falls Ward, born in Belfast, still a widower. Below his name Susan was listed and then crossed out. ,With him was his daughter, Margaret Ann Doran, age 28, single RC, Reeler, born County Down. Plus two boarders. Anne and Alexander McConville, brother and sister. Anne was 25 and a flax spinner, and Alexander was 22, and had none under occupation.

Church Baptism Record
Mary Doran; born 05 March 1878 and baptized 06 March 1878, at St. Peter's RC Church, Belfast, County Antrim.
Address;  63 McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan McGuiness
Sponsor 1. - Bridget Doran
Sponsor 2. - [blank]

Church Baptism Record
Patrick Doran, born 12 August 1879, and baptized 16 August 1879, at St. Peter's.
Address: 62 McDonnell Street
Father: Joseph Doran
Mother: Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. - Patrick Skillinder
Sponsor 2. - Mary McCarrol
His Civil Birth Record lists his name as Patrick Charles Doran.

Church Baptism Record
Margaret Anne Dorrian, born 02 July 1881, and baptized 03 July 1881, at St. Peter's.
Address: McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. - Robert McVeigh
Sponsor 2. - Mary McArdle
Civil Birth Record 
Margaret Ann Dorrian, born 07 July 1881 and registration date: 23 July 1881
Address;  61 McDonnell Street
Father; Joseph Dorrian - Occupation: Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. - Mary Magee
Sponsor 2. [blank].

Church Baptism Record
Joseph Doran, born 02 June 1883, and baptized on 05 June 1883, at St. Peter's.
Address:  63 McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan Magennis
Sponsor 1. - Elizabeth Collins
Sponsor 2. [blank]

Civil Birth Record
Catherine Doran, born 12 May 1885, and registration date 23 May 1885
Address:  24 Osman Street; Parish/District: Urban 4 Civil, Belfast.
Father:  Joseph Doran; Occupation:  Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan Maginnis
Sponsor 1. - Bridget Curran
Sponsor 2. [blank]/

Church Baptism Record
Susanna Doran, born 22 June 1888, baptized on 24 June 1888, at St. Peter's
Address:  16 Milan Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susann Maginnis
Sponsor 1. - Brigid Power
Sponsor 2. [blank]
Civil Birth Record
Susan Doran, born 22 June 1888, and registration date 30 June 1888; parish/District: Urban 4 Civil, Belfast
14 Milan Street
Father: Joseph Doran - Occupation:  Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan Maginnis
Sponsor 1. - Agnes Hamill
Sponsor 2 [blank]



1) The grandson of Arthur James Doran asked if the Genealogy Sisters, also being Dorans, could help him find out more about his Doran clan, especially looking for any living Doran relatives. He also gave us permission to write about his ancestry and search for his Doran heritage on this website in the hopes that one or more of his Belfast Doran clan will get in touch with him. Please contact Genealogy Sisters and we will forward the message on.

2) While researching the Doran family Genealogy Sisters has compiled information about other Dorans that we would like to share with other researchers. Click here to see that stuff.