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The DORAN family history starts with John1 Doran and Ellen Little. Family legend has it that John Doran moved from County Clare to Belfast, where the linen trade was flourishing. Research in the County Clare Tithe Applotment Book has turned up one John Doran living in Ballyminogue, Tomgraney during the 1820s - 1840s, which appears to confirm the story that has been passed down through various branches of the family tree. A search of County Clare valuations records from the 1850s (Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855) did not produce a single Doran name, which would seem to suggest that the family did relocate, as was common in Ireland at the time. Assuming the family story is true, by the early to mid 1850s John1 Doran was living in the Townland of Ballymacarrett, East Belfast, Northern Ireland where the linen trade was booming. According to family stories, John Doran had a small farm with his own flax mill just outside Belfast. It was quite common for skilled workers in the Irish linen trade to have their own home based flax mill. The farm was likely in Springfield Village, Shankill, Belfast, which was still quite rural at the time.

John1 Doran
ca. 1830 - 1900

John1 Doran\Dorran was probably born in the 1830s, in Ballyminogue, Tomgraney, County Clare, Republic of Ireland. He became a Hackler in the linen trade. From time to time the spelling of the Doran name for John1 and his children and grandchildren alternated between the use of two Rs and the more common use of a single R. The family in America used the one R spelling but retained the memory that it had been spelled with two R's in Ireland.

John1 married Ellen Little (aka Ellen Lyttle) in the mid- to late- 1850s. According to the baptism record of their daughter Anna, born in Their first two children were baptized at St. Matthew's. Given the Irish naming patterns, we think that John1's father may have been named Bernard and his mother named Mary. Ellen Little's birth place and parents names are unknown at this time.

After extensive research, Genealogy Sisters has identified eight children born to John1 and Ellen Doran\Dorran. They are Bernard2 (1858), Mary Anne2 aka Annie (1862), John2-1 (1864), Joseph2 (1866), Ellen2 (1868), Catherine2 (1871), Hannah2 (1876), and John2-2 (1878). Since there are two John Doran's born to this couple it is quite likely that the first John died prior to 1878.

Our research to date (2015) indicated that the children of John and Ellen Little Dorran and their spouses had the following children.

Bernard and Mary Hall Doran: Ellen, Elizabeth, Bernard, Mary, William John, Joseph, and a baby that died at birth.

Ann / Anna Doran: no trace of marriage yet.

Ellen Doran and Arthur Lewis: Mary, Arthur, Catherine Ann, Hannah, Jane, Ellen, John, and Thomas.

Catherine Doran: no trace of marriage yet.

Joseph Doran died young, and can't find another Joseph that fits into the family.

Mary Anne Doran and Thomas Perry: Mary Kathleen, and Thomas.

Hannah Doran and Daniel Murray: James, John, Alice, and Annie.

John Doran and Elizabeth Campbell: John, Mary, James, and another baby that died between 1900 and 1911.


John1 Doran died between 1884 and 1901. The marriage record of his son Bernard2 Doran to Mary Kane in 1907 notes that John1 Doran is deceased, whereas he was alive at the time of Bernard2 's marriege to his first wife Mary Hall. A search of the 1901 census of Ireland does not result in any record for John1 Doran. In that census, Ellen Little Doran, a widow, age 60 is reported living as a "boarder" with her daughter, Hannah2 Doran Murray.

In the 1911 census of Ireland neither John1 nor Ellen Little Doran are enumerated. Ellen Little Doran was therefore assumed to have died between 1901 and 1911. Further searching revealed that Ellen Doran of 72 McDonnell Street, widow of John Doran, a Hackler, died March 19, 1907 in Belfast, Ireland. She may have been 67 years old.




Doran: Miscellaneous Records

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