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"Spes Anchora Vitae"
Hope is the anchor of life.


Bernard2 Doran (John1 )

Bernard2 Doran, born 2 October 1858, to John1 Doran and Ellen Little. Baptized at St. Matthews RC Church, Ballymacarrett, Belfast, Co. Down, Ireland. Sponsors: Samuel Crawford and Anne1 Doran. The family moved from Ballymacarrett, East Belfast, sometime before 1864 given that his brother John was born in County Antrim.

Spouse (1):
Bernard's 1st marriage was to Mary Hall on 15 Nov 1884 at St. Peter's Roman Catholic, Belfast. The record reads: Bernard2 Doran of 19 Getty Street son of John1 Doran and Ellen Little to Mary Hall of 5 Springfield Rd. dau. of William Hall and Sarah Tierney. Witnesses: Michael Barry and Elizabeth McFadden. Rev. J. O'Connell. Bernard2 was 26 and Mary was 20 years old at the time of their marriage.

His wife, Mary Hall Doran, is believed to have died during childbirth, some time after December 1895 but before 1901. According to Sarah4 aka Sal4 Rafferty, Mary's "child died with her". We don't know whether she was referring to the infant, Mary3 , who died in 1891 or perhaps she died giving birth to Joseph3 in December 1895 or to another child after that. We have been unable to find a death record for Mary Hall Doran. Bernard took the children to live with his wife's sister Lizzie Hall. In 1901 the girls are living with their Aunt Lizzy on Fort Street (source: 1901 Census of Ireland).

Bernard2 and Mary Hall Doran had at least 6 children, including: Ellen3 aka Helen aka Nellie (1884), Elizabeth3 (1886), Bernard3 (1890), Mary (1891), William John3 (1893), and Joseph3 (1895).

Spouse (2):
According to Sal Rafferty, Bernard2 later married a woman who owned a pub and he was very happy to become a publican. In Sal's memoir, Bernard2 is described as a rough, but affectionate man. He loved to sing, go to pubs, and entertain. Genealogy Sisters have been unable to find any proof that Bernard2's second wife owned a pub.

Bernard2's 2nd marriage was to Mary Kane on 14 Dec 1907 at St. Paul's Roman Catholic, Belfast. The record shows: Bernard2 Doran, widower, sorter, of 26 Weaver St., son of John1 Doran to Mary Kane, spin. labourer, of 30 Weaver St., dau. of James Kane. Witnesses: John Maguire and Allice Maguire. Rev. C. McDonnell. A notation onthe marriage record is "both fathers deceased" (source: UHF database). The witnesses names appear on other family church records however we do not know anything else about them.

In 1908, Bernard2 was probably still living on or near Weaver Street. He is noted as one of witnesses for the marriage on February 15, 1908 of his sister-in-law Augustina Kane, age 30, of 28 Weaver St., Belfast and Robert McKane, age 34, of 39 Mountcollyer St., Belfast, Co. Antrim. His sister-in-law's marriage took place at St. Anne's Church of Ireland. Both were previously unmarried. Robert's occupation is Fireman. No occupation listed for Augustina. Both of their fathers were also listed as Firemen. His father's name was Robert McKane and hers was James Kane. The other witness was Elizabeth Jane Griffin. The notation on the marriage record is "by licence Rev. G. Watt."

In March 1914, Bernard2's second wife, Mary Kane, travelled to the U.S. with her "son" Joseph3. It is interesting that she does not mention her husband, Bernard2 Doran, who it turned out was in the hospital that year.

Arrival Date: March 16, 1914, S.S. Columbia sailing from Londonderry, Ireland (departed March 7, 1914) arriving in the Port of NYC. Images 13, 14, and 29 out of 30. Mary Doran, occupation nurse, age 45 (1869), born Belfast, Ireland. coming from cousin J. Patterson, 82 Nelson St., Belfast, Ireland. Going to daughter Nellie3 McVeigh, Caldwell, NJ. Accompanied by Joseph3 Doran, occupation Reeler, (relationship son,) age 18 (1895) born Belfast, Ireland. They were detained and held for special inquiry and then admitted. Prior searches of the Ellis Island database had not produced this record as the transcription is incorrectly entered as Dovan for both Mary and Joseph3.

Census Records:
An extensive search of the Census records for Ireland for both 1901 and 1911 likewise has failed to produce any records of Bernard2 Doran. [Also missing from the 1901 Census are the three boys, Bernard3, William John3, and Joseph3. The two girls, Ellen3 and Elizabeth3 are living with with their Aunt Lizzie Hall on Fort Street in 1901. During the 1911 Census of Ireland, William John3, Joseph3, and Elizabeth3 are living with Lizzie Hall along with Elizabeth3's daughter Sal4, while Ellen3 and her brother Bernard3 had already immigrated to New Jersey.]

Workhouse Register:
In September 1914 Elizabeth3 Doran Rafferty stated on her immigration papers that the address of her father, Bernard2 Doran, was the Belfast Union Hospital. Genealogy Sisters submitted an inquiry to PRONI asking for information under the UK Freedom of Information Act (January 2012).

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act of Great Britain (including Northern Ireland), and by fact of the direct relationship to the person in question, a request to PRONI for the Workhouse Register information relating to Bernard2 Doran was released in January 2012. We were advised that normally this information is considered private and not released until 100 years has passed. Some information on the Belfast Union Hospital record was incorrect, including Bernard2's age, marital status (widowed early, he had remarried in 1907). Either PRONI redcated information about his children or perhaps it was not provided to the Hospital in his admittance record.

BG/7/G/105 – Belfast Indoor Relief Register - 1913-1914  

Record Number : DC4/12/1722 Title : DCAL/2012-0010-BG table for Bernard Doran-BG/7/G/105

No. Date Name Residence Previous to Admission Sex Age If Adult whether Single, Married or Widowed, if Child whether Orphan, Deserted or legitimate or Illegitimate Employment or Calling Religion If Disabled Date Died or Left Workhouse
1583 21/12/1913 Bernard2 Doran 12 California Street M 60 Widower Flax Drawer RC    Destitute 29/12/1913
1689 30/12/1913 Bernard2 Doran Workhouse M 60 Widower Flax Drawer RC Des 30/12/1913
1723 31/12/1913 Bernard2 Doran Union M 55 Widower Flax Drawer RC Des 23/06/1915

Bernard2 Doran died about 1921 according to Sal4 Rafferty, who wrote in her recollections that she was around 11 years old (she was born in 1910) when her mother received word that Bernard2 had died. His death record has not been found despite a search conducted by the Ulster Historical Foundation and extensive searching in every online database Genealogy Sisters could locate. A search was also done of the LDS microfilm of Ireland death indexes. Burial records online for Roman Catholics in Belfast are sparse. In time, Genealogy Sisters is certain Bernard2 Doran's death record will become available. "Spes Anchora Vitae" (Hope is the Anchor of Life).

We estimate Bernard2 died after June 23 1915 (workhouse record) and before May 8, 1920 (father deceased noted on marriage record of his son William John3 Doran to Rosina Evans.

Anne Doran2 aka Mary Anne Doran (John1)
1862 - d. between 1899 & 1911

The second child of John1 Doran and Ellen Little was named Anne. She was born or baptized on 16 February 1862 at St. Matthews RC Church, Ballymacarrett, East Belfast, County Down. The sponsor was Thomas Murphy. While we don't know the address her parents were living at then, we assume they were still living in Ballymacarrett given the location of her baptism.

On May 21, 1892 Anne2, also called Mary Anne2 was married to Thomas Perry, the son of William Perry and Elizabeth Lyons. Both spouses were living on Marquis Street, Belfast, County Antrim. Their witnesses were John O'Hagan and Anne Brown (Source: IFH, online search. 2011).

Mary Anne2 and Thomas Perry had at least one child named Thomas3 Perry, born on October 12, 1894.

Census and Directories:
In 1899 Mary Anne2 and Thomas Perry are living at 49 Marchioness Street, Belfast, County Antrim.

By the 1911 Irish Census Mary Anne2 Doran Perry has most likely already died because father and son are living with William J. Perry on Campbells Row, Smithfield Ward, County Antrim.


John2-1 Doran (John1)
1864 - d. before 1878

The third child, John2 Doran, was born in Belfast, County Antrim, in 1864 (source: Ulster Historical Foundation, online database).


Joseph2 Doran (John1)
1866 - ?

Joseph2 Doran is the 4th child, born or baptised on February 22, 1866, Belfast, County Antrim. (source: IFH database, RC Church Baptism).


Ellen2 Dorran (John1)
1868 - ?

Ellen2 Dorran was born July 16, 1868 in Belfast, County Antrim. This is one of the vital records that spell the family surname with variant of two r's. (source: International Genealogical Index, Batch #C011865 , Film, Internet record, FamilySearch, 20-mar-2005; also Ulster Historical Society online database. The Baptism records an alternate birth date of July 19, 1868, baptism same day. the quality of this microfilm is poor, so a copy of it is not included on this webpage. The name of the street the family is living on is illegible. The name of the sponsor appears to be Catherline L______.


Catherine2 Dorran (John1)
1871 -


Hannah2 Doran (John1)
1876 -

Born 30 August 18767. Baptised 9 September, 1876. St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, Ireland. Residence 9 Whitehall Court, Belfast. Sponsor: Mary Doran. Source: National Library of Ireland online database, accessed August 19, 2015.


John2-2 Doran (John1)
1878 -

Baptised 26 September 1878. St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, Ireland. Residence 19 Nail Street, Belfast. Sponsor Bridget McCann. Source: National Library of Ireland online database, accessed August 19, 2015.



Ellen Doran2 (John1)

Maryann Barnes of the Genealogy Sisters has found birth records of eight children to Ellen Doran (daughter of John and Ellen Little Doran) who married Arthur Lewis on 25 Feb 1884 at St. Peter's. All of the records are from rootsireland accessed October 28, 2015.  Here is the summary of the children. They were all born in County Antrim. 

Mary Lewis, born 10 April 1885; baptism 04 May 1885 at St. Peter's; address:  Springfield Row; Sponsor / Informant: Catherine Skillender.  Father: Arthur Lewis. Mother:  Ellen Doran.

Arthur Lewis, born [blank]; Baptism 21 Feb 1886; Union Workhouse, Belfast. Father: Arthur Lewis. Mother: Ellen Doran.[Note: he was still alive in 1914 when he was declared unfit for military service and his father was also alive].

Catherine Ann Lewis, born 20 July 1887; Baptism 24 July 1887. Union Workhouse, Belfast. Sponsor / Informant: Wb Maniece. Father: Arthur Lewis. Mother: Ellen Doran.

Hannah Lewis, born 01 Feb 1891; Baptism 25 April 1891; Address: 5 Fortingale Street on the Church Baptism Record and 46 Fortingale Street on the Civil Birth Record; St. Peter's; Father Arthur Lewis - Mechanic. Mother:  Ellen Doran

Jane Lewis, born 13 Feb 1894; address:  11 First Street, Belfast. Father Arthur Lewis - Fitter. Mother - Ellen Doran.  Sponsor / Informant: M. H. Ormerod. Civil Birth Record.

Ellen Lewis, born 10 April 1896. Address:  13 Conway Street, Belfast. Father: Arthur Lewis - Mechanic. Mother:  Ellen Doran.  Sponsor / Informant M. H. Ormerod.  Civile Birth Record. [From ancestry - eElen Lewis married William McAllister in Ontario. Canada on 14 July 1928.

John Lewis, born 11 Feb 1898.  Address: 3 Dundee Street, Belfast. Father: Arthur Lewis - Fitter. Mother:  Ellen Doran. Civile Birth Record. Also Church Baptism Record from St. Peter's. Baptism 22 Feb 1898. Address:11 Dundee Street, Belfast.  Sponsor / Informant: Mary Doran.

Thomas Lewis, born 26 March 1902. Address : 192 Conway Street, Belfast. Father: Arthur Lewis - Fitter. Mother:  Ellen Doran. Sponsor / Informant: J.E.M. Porter. Civil Birth Record.


Addendum: Belfast City Directory search for Hall

1852 Directory of Belfast, Ireland, from index

Hall, Daniel, brush manufacturer, 10 Brown Square
Hall, Edward, shipsmith, 12 Collingwood Street
Hall, George, jobbing smith, 15 Little York Street
Hall, George, hatter, 51 Smithfield
Hall, Hugh, porter, 11 Charlemont Street
Hall, Henry, rope maker, Ballynafeigh
Hall, James, porter, 3 Annette Street
Hall, James, constable, 5 Boyd Street
Hall, John, smith's helper, 12 William's Row
Hall, John, photographic studio, 22 York Street
Hall, John, lodgings, 141 Durham Street
Hall, John, grocer and stone cutter, Frederick Street
Hall, Mrs., 3 Botanic View, Botanic Road
Hall, Michael, lodgings, 15 Gamble Street
Hall, Patrick, flax dresser, 53 Curell's Place
Hall, Robert, tailor, 36 Talbot Street
Hall, Samuel, shoe maker, 54 Verner Street
Hall, William, lithographic writer and printer, 9 Joy's Entry
Hall, William, in pork store, 30 William's Row
Hall, William, gentleman, Jackson's Hall, Ballymacarrett
Hall, William, cabinet maker, 46 Boundary Street
Hall, William, painter, 35 Brown Street

1843 Directory of Belfast, Ireland, from index

Hall, Samuel, Shoe Maker, 6 Murphy Street.
Hall, John, Stone Cutter, 22 York Street, residence, Frederick Street.
Hall, Michael, Plasterer, 9 Barrack Street.
Hall, Robert, Tailor, 21 Edward Street.
Hall, Michael, Entertainment, 3 Gamble Street.
Hall of the Donegall Lodge of Odd Fellows, 5 Chichester Street.
Hall, Daniel, Brush Maker, 11 North King Street.
Hall, George, Jobbing Smith, 15 Little York Street.