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"Spes Anchora Vitae"
Hope is the anchor of life.


Ellen3 Doran  (Bernard2/John1)

Ellen3 aka Nellie3 Doran was born 28 Dec 1884 in Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and named after her paternal grandmother, Ellen Little Doran.  Her parents were Bernard3 Doran and Mary Hall, who had married the previous month, on 15 Nov 1884 at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, and that is where Nellie3 was baptized on 6 Jan 1885.  The address for both was given as 5 Springfield Village, Belfast, Ireland.  After her birth, six more siblings were born: Elizabeth3, Bernard3, Mary3 (died in infancy) William John3, Joseph3, and a sibling3 that died at birth.  Her mother died with the last child, about 1897.  (Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Family Report UHF4/02/121;

Census Record - Ireland:

1901 Census of Ireland
Nellie3 Dorran, age 16, and her sister Elizabeth3 Dorran, age 14, are found living with their maternal aunt Eizabeth Hall.  Nellie’s occupation is Flax Reeler, most likely at one of the nearby mills in the Falls Road area of West Belfast.  From her niece, Sal4 Rafferty, we know that the young Nellie3 was already an expert at evading her father, Barney2, on pay day at the mill.  Young girls were in demand to work in the mills because they were usually strong, healthy, and agile. Nellie3’s father had left the two girls with his spinster sister-in-law, Lizzie Hall, after the death of his wife Mary. His occupation was a hackler, a well paying position at the linen mills.  Family lore is that the surname was spelled Dorran, hence the pronunciation of Door-RAN (rhymes with Moran) rather than the typical prounouncian DOR-ren (rhymes with Oren).

Although Nellie3 and her sister Elizabeth3 were living with their aunt, the whereabouts of her brothers and father during this time period is unknown.  The records sheets from the 1901 Census of Ireland give this information: County Antrim, Parliamentary Division: Belfast West, District E. D.: Falls Ward. Townland or Street: 45 Fort Street, Barony, Upper Belfast, Parish: Shankill. SubDistrict: Springfield Road, Parliamentary Borough: Belfast.  Sunday, 31st March 1901.  #45 Fort Street, Belfast. Elizabeth Hall Head of Household,  Roman Catholic, Read & Write, 30 years old. Female, Occupation: Cotton Dresser. Not Married, Born Antrim County.  Living with her are Ellen3 Dorran, Niece, R. Catholic, Read & Write, age 16, Female, Occupation: Flax Reeler, Not Married, Born County Antrim. Also, Elizabeth3 Dorran, Niece, R. Catholic, Read, age 14, Female, Occupation: Flax Reeler, Not Married, born Co. Antrim.   The census return is signed by Elizabeth Hall.  (LDS Microfilm #0807540 transcribed Feb 10, 2001).

1911 Census of Ireland 
Elizabeth3 Rafferty is residing at 51 Springfield Village in Belfast.  She is 24, a flax reeler, married for 4 years, one child born and living. Her child, Sarah4, is one years old. The head of the household is her aunt, Elizabeth Hall, 40 years old, single, occupation cotton comber. Also living with them are two of Elizabeth3 brothers: William John3 Doran, age 17, and Joseph3 Doran, age 15, both single.  All were born in County Antrim.

Emigration/Passenger Records:
By 1905, Nellie3 had saved up enough money to make her first voyage to the United States, sailing from Liverpool, England, UK, on the SS Teutonic, on 14 June 1905.  She arrived in New York City one week later, on the 22nd. Nellie would have most likely left from Belfast or Londonderry first, arriving in Liverpool on another ship, with enough time to board the ocean liner. Most likely this was a daunting task for young ladies, but one taken by many others in search of a better life.  She was listed as 20 years old, with an occupation as a Reeler, and she was going to her cousin Francis Collins at the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Female Orphan Asylum, Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, New York.  (1905 Passenger List, Ellis Island online records; / Genealogy Sisters has not been able to identify how Francis Collins is related to the family. She might just have thought it sounded better to be going to a cousin.

When Nellie3 arrived at Ellis Island she was detained, and then released to the care of Father Henry of 7 State Street, Manhattan.  Father Henry was a well-known figure to young Irish female immigrants, and cited on many of the Ellis Island records as the person a detainee was released to, after arriving in New York City.  Father Henry, working with the Catholic Bureau, and the Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary, offering a temporary home to the young ladies while they were waiting for friends or family, or looking for employment, if not already offered one prior to their arrival.  ( Database: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957; Year: 1905; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_592; Line: 12)

"All those who wear the yellow slip in their hats are singled out. If they are going to New York they are put in charge of the missionary, who never leaves them until they are safely sheltered in the mission house. Good, clean beds are furnished them for twenty-five cents a night, and plain, substantial meals at the same rate..." [Read more: Handling The Immigrant at Ellis Island - 1896.

On 15 May 1909 Nellie3 sailed from Londonderry, arriving at Ellis Island on 23 May 1909.  At that time she listed her occupation as Nurse. In 1909 she stated she was going to her sister, Lizzie3 Doran, at 65 East 65th St., NYC, and she had left from her aunt, Eliza Hall, at 51 Springfield Village, Belfast. She had been in the USA in 1906 and 1908.  Her height was 5’3”, and she had a ruddy complexion with auburn hair and blue eyes.  ( Database: New York passenger Lists, 1820-1957; Year: 1909; Arrival; Microfilm serial: T715; Microfilm roll: T715_1272; Line: 29).

Her sister, Elizabeth Doran3, came to Ellis Island on 26 Oct 1907, going to her sister, Nellie3 Doran, at 18 East 60th Street, Manhattan.

Nurse: It could be that she was trained as a nurse at St. Joseph’s.
Housekeeper: After the death of her husband Nellie3 found work as a housekeeper to Amos Moffatt Pearson. Her name, occupation and address are noted in the census and city directories. Amos was a widower with two boys whom Nellie took care of along with her own young daughter. She later married Amos, whom his nephews and neices remembered fondly as Uncle Mack.

Spouse 1: Patrick McVeigh
At some point Nellie3 returned to Belfast, Ireland again because on December 26, 1908 Nellie3 Doran married Patrick McVeigh at St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Patrick's occupation is Sailor. No record of Nellie3's occupation. Patrick's residence is 17 Waterville St., Belfast and Nellie3's is 51 Springfield Village, Belfast. They are both Roman Catholic, both previously unmarried. His father is John McVeigh, a farmer, and her father is Bernard2 Doran, labourer, The witnesses are Bernard3 Doran and Edith Walsh. Notes: "Church Belfast Roman Catholic, P Convery P P Married in St. Paul' " ( IFHF,,database search 12/27/11)). Edith Walsh might be a cousin on the Hall side of the family.

Patrick McVeigh sailed on the SS Teutonic from Southhampton, England to Ellis Island, NY on 15 April 1909, next of kin was his mother, Mrs. McVeigh, living at 17 Waterville, St., Belfast and he was going to his uncle, J. McVeigh, at Brooklyn, NY (maybe 48 Columbia Hts). Patrick's age was 28, born in Belfast and he had been living in England.

Nellie appears to have been told that Patrick McVeigh died prior to 1910 as she married Thomas Smythe (date unknown) and reported herself as his widow.

By April 1910 Nellie3 had moved across the Hudson River to Newark, New Jersey. Why she had chosen to move to Newark, New Jersey is unknown. However, as the family immigrated to New Jersey most lived in or around the Newark area, most particularly in East Newark and Kearny, which was close to the Coats & Clark cotton thread company factory where a good number of Irish and Scots immigrants found work due to their experience working in the cotton and thread factories back home.

Spouse 2: Thomas Smythe
In the family history Sal4 Rafferty sent to her niece, she wrote: “Ellen3 Doran married Ed (?) Smith in Newark, N.J.  His name was actually Thomas Smythe (1888-1911). They had one child, Elizabeth4.  The story that was passed down to us through according to Sal Rafferty, was that he died while working on the building of the Panama Canal, of yellow fever.  Thomas died on October 29, 1911 in Newark, NJ. He is buried next to Ellen Doran McVeigh Smythe Pearson in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey. On his passenger record dated October 1, 1910 her brother Bernard3 Doran stated he was travelling (from Belfast) to his sister, Mrs. Ellen3 Smith, Ogden Street, Newark, NJ and he arrived in the port of New York on Oct. 1, 1910.

Nellie and Thomas's daughter, Elizabeth "Bess"4 Smythe Pearson, was born shortly after his death.

In the 1916 Newark (NJ) Directory, a listing appears for Ellen A Smith, widow of Thomas. Residence: 83 Van Buren.

Spouse 3: Amos Moffat Pearson
A romance between Nellie3 and her employer, Amos Moffett Pearson, must have flourished, because on 20 September 1920 they married at his home on Winthrop Street in Newark. His age was listed as 47, and he reported himself as a widower. Nellie3 reported in their marriage record that she was a widow, age 37.  The witnesses to their marriage were her brother, Bernard 3Doran, and his wife, Mary Mahoney Doran [Source: New Jersey Archives, Trenton, NJ; Certificate and Record of Marriage].

Amos M. Pearson gave her love, financial security and a home to call her own. She had two more children with him. Amos seems to have been a hard-working man as he owned a nice house and ran a successful business. He took good care of his twin sons after the death of their mother, Carrie, who had died in 1912.  After his marriage to Nellie3, he took in her two girls, who afterwards always used the Pearson surname.  Nellie3 and Amos Moffett had two children of their own - Anna Marguerite4 born in 1922 and Amos J.4 “Jack” Moffett, Jr., in 1923.  Amos Moffet, Sr., is remembered fondly by his nieces and nephews as Uncle “Moffett” or Uncle "Mack". 

With Thomas Smythe: Elizabeth "Bessie" Smythe (McVeigh) Pearson
With Patrick McVeigh: Helen (McVeigh) Pearson.
With Amos Moffet Pearson: Anna Marguerite Pearson and Amos Moffet Pearson, Jr.

Her first-born daughter, Elizabeth “Bessie” was a career girl who never married. She died on 8 January 1997 at a nursing home in Gorham, Maine. Bessie's internment was in New Mexico where she had her home.

Nellie's daughter, Helen, married a Mr. Michaeli. She died in 1986.

Nellie's daughter, Marguerite married Harold Ruthazer. She died in 1998.

Nellie's son, Amos Moffett “Jack” Pearson, tragically died suddenly while a student at Trenton State College in New Jersey on 5 November 1946, aged 23 years.  The informant on his death certificate was his half-brother, Howard Pearson. Jack was buried at the Evergreen Cemetery next to his father. The 1947 Trenton State Yearbook was dedicated in honor of his memory. 

Census Records - U. S. A.
1910 Federal Census
The 1910 census dated April 23, 1910, lists a Nellie3 Doran, Boarder; enunmerated with Frank & Lizzie Sears, Ogden Street, Newark, 8th Ward, Essex County, NJ.  She is 25, single, born in Ireland, and works at a Thread Mill as a Reeler.

1920 Federal Census
The 1920 census was taken on the January 10th, she was listed as Nellie3 McVeigh, occupation: housekeeper in a private home, widowed from her husband, Patrick McVeigh.  Their daughter, Ellen4 (aka Hellen) McVeigh, had been born in 1914, according to her birth record in a car in Caldwell, presumably on the way to the hospital.  Ellen4, listed in the Census as, Hellen4 age 5, along with her sister, Elizabeth4 age 8 – were both listed with the surname McVeigh. More than likely, as the owner of the house Amos Moffatt Pearson would have provided the census information. Elizabeth4 was born in 1911.  Amos Pearson was a master plumber, who owned his home on Winthrop Street in Newark.  In the census record, Amos has two sons, Howard and Robert O. they are twins, age 16 (born 1903)  [Source: 1920 Federal Census; New Jersey; Essex County, City of Newark; Heritage Quest search:].

1930 Federal Census
By the 1930 Federal Census the Pearson family had moved from Newark, to the neighboring town of Nutley, in Essex County.  This Census was taken on 21 April, and Amos Pearson was listed as the owner of his house at 57 Union Avenue, Nutley; age 55; married, first marriage at age 33; plumber in Essex County.  His wife, Ellen3 Pearson, has under occupation “none”; age 45; first marriage at age 25; Immigrated 1905; Naturalized Citizen. Their children are listed as: Elizabeth4 – age 16; Helen4 – age 14, Margarett4 – age 8, and Jacob (sic)4 – age 6. [Source: 1930 Federal Census; New Jersey; Essex County, City of Newark; Heritage Quest search:]

Death Records:
Nellie and Amos's happiness together was short-lived, because Amos Moffett Pearson died at his home on 23 December 1931.  The informant on his death certificate was his wife, Ellen3 Pearson. He was buried with his first wife, Carrie Boss Pearson, in the family plot at Evergreen Cemetery, in Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey. His parents and son Jack4 are buried nearby.

Sadly, Nellie3 died just over a year later on 29 December 1933, age 48 years and one day.  The informant on her death certificate was her daughter, Bessie4 Pearson  [Source:Death certificates from the NJ Archives, Trenton, NJ]. She was buried in the Catholic cemetery of Holy Sepulchre, East Orange, NJ, which is very close to the city of Newark.

Death Notice:
"Pearson - On December 29, 1932 Ellen3, beloved wife of the late Amos M. Pearson. Funeral services will be held at her home, 57 Union Avenue, Nutley Saturday morning Dec 31 at 8:30 o'clock thence to St. Mary's Church Nutley where at 9 A.M. a mass of requiem will be offered for the repose of her soul. Interment in the cemetery at the Holy Sepulchre at the convenience of the family." [Source: Newark Evening News, Friday December 30, 1932, page 10. Repository New Jersey State Library 7/29/2005].

Nellie3 Doran’s legacy is of a vivacious, beautiful, hard-working woman, who always tried to keep her own children living together, and give them the comforts of a childhood that she had never had.


Elizabeth3 Doran Rafferty (Bernard2/John1)

Elizabeth3 Doran was born on 15 Oct 1886 in Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and was named after her maternal aunt, Elizabeth Hall.  Her parents were Bernard2 Doran and Mary Hall, who were living in Springfield Village. St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church is where Elizabeth3 was baptized on 25 Oct 1886, with her sponsor being given as Elizabeth Hall. [Source: Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Family Report UHF4/02/121;]

Census Records - Ireland
The 1901 Census of Ireland lists Elizabeth3 Dorran, age 14, and her sister, Nellie3 Dorran, age 16, residing at 45 Fort Street, Belfast where they are living with their aunt, Elizabeth Hall.   Nellie’s occupation is flax reeler, most likely she was working at one of the nearby mills in the Falls Road area of West Belfast.  From her daughter, Sal3 Rafferty, we know that the young Elizabeth3 was a fine singer and dancer and had won prizes for dancing in Ireland.  Elizabeth3’s father had left the two girls with his spinster sister-in-law, Lizzie Hall, after the death of his wife. Family lore is that the surname was once spelled as Dorran with two Rs, and this census is one of the confirming records.

On Christmas 1906 Elizabeth3 Doran married Thomas Joseph Rafferty (1884-1951) in St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, West Belfast, Ireland. His parents were John Rafferty (1860-1898 son of John Rafferty and Ann Smith) and Margaret Kelly (1860-1938 daughter of Ellen and Michael Kelly).

Marriage record:
Belfast, Roman Catholic, Belfast, Co. Antrim, RC, 124, Shankill.Parish/district: Belfast Roman Catholic. Reg. 96 page 78 Entry 156. Date 25/12/1906.  Husband's name: Thomas Rafferty; Marital Status: Bachelor; Occupation: Moulder.  Townland/street: 69 Springfield Rd.; Denomination: RC; Age : FA (full age means over 21). Father's name: John Rafferty; Occupation: Iron Dresser; Mother's name is missing.Witness: Josph McClean. Comment; P. Convery P P Married in St. Pauls.  Wife's name: Elizabeth3 Doran; Marital status: SP (Spinster); Occupation: Reeler. Townland Street; 51 Springfield; Denomination": RC; Age: FA. Father: Bernard2 Doran; Occupation: Hackler; Mother's name is missing. Witness: Mary Anne Rafferty.

Death record:
Thomas Rafferty died in Marin County, California 18 October 1951.

Emigration and Passenger Records:
For some reason Elizabeth3 traveled to New York City in 1907, after her marriage, under her maiden name of Elizabeth3 Doran.  The passenger record shows she was going to her sister, Nellie3 Doran, at 18 East 60th Street, Manhattan, NY.  Her residence was at the home of her aunt, Elizabeth Hall, who was living at 51 Springfield Village, Belfast.  She is listed as having the occupation of Domestic, and is 5’6”, fair complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Name: Elizabeth3 Doran Arrival. Date: 26 Oct 1907. Birth Year: abt 1886. Birth Location: Belfast, Ireland Age: 21 Gender: Female Ethnicity/Race-Nationality: Irish. Port of Departure: Liverpool, England. Port of Arrival: New York, New York. Ship Name: Baltic. [Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA]

Elizabeth3’s first two children were born in Belfast and emigrated with her to Canada and then the US. The other children were born in New Jersey.

The family emigrated to Canada, to Schreiber, near Thunder Bay, Ontario, and in September of 1914, Elizabeth3, Sarah4 and James4 left Canada to join her husband who was living at 437 John Street, East Newark, NJ. Thomas had left Canada the previous month for New Jersey. 

Elizabeth3’s passenger record reads: Name: Elizabeth3 O’Rafferty. Arrival Date: Sep 1914, Port of Arrival: St Albans, Vermont, United States Age: 27 Birth Date: abt 1887 Birth Country: Ireland Gender: Female Race/Nationality: Irish.  The record further shows she had traveled on the Canadian Pacific vessel Lake Manitoba and her interim point of departure was Montreal, Quebec prior to entering the states. She listed her father’s name as Bernard2 Doran and apparently he was hospitalized in the Belfast Union Hospital at the time, according to the notes on the record.  Record Type: Manifests. [Source: Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.  Original data: Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, RG 85. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration]

Census - U.S.A.:
In the 1920 Federal Census, Elizabeth3 and Thomas Rafferty, and their children: Sarah4, James4 and John4, were living on John Street, Kearny, Hudson County, NJ.  Thomas’s occupation was Belt Man at the Motor Corp.
For the World War I Registration, Thomas Joseph Rafferty filed on 12 Sept 1918, giving his birth date as 9 Sept 1884, British subject, age 34, occupation – mechanic at United Motor Corp., medium height, slender build, blue eyes, dark brown hair. His nearest relative was his wife, Elizabeth3 Rafferty, also at 608 John Street, Kearny, Hudson County, NJ.

In the 1930 Federal Census, Elizabet3h and Thomas Rafferty and their children were living at 423 John Street, in East Newark, Hudson County, NJ.

Sadly, the next record we have is of Elizabeth3’s death, on 23 May 1933.  Her burial was at Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ on the 29th. She was predeceased by her beloved sister Nellie3 who died the year before and by her ever-constant Aunt Lizzie, who died just a few days earlier. She left young children and a husband who loved her.   

Thank you to the Rafferty family. The Rafferty cousins5 have contributed information, photographs, family files, and assistance with our mutual family research.  We sincerely thank them and are thrilled they found us again a few years ago while researching the family tree.


Bernard3 Doran (Bernard2/John1)

Barnie3 Doran was a quite a complex character. He loved to sing and his favorite song was "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." From what we know he was like his father, in that he was described as a rough, but affectionate man. Unlike his father however, he was completely loyal and dedicated to his family. This admirable trait has been passed down to subsequent generations of Dorans.

Bernard3 Doran left from Londonderry, Ireland on 11th of October, 1910. Arriving at Ellis Island, New York he indicated his last address was Springfield Village, Belfast Ireland, and his closest relative there was his sister Elizabeth3 Rafferty, who was living in Belfast at the time. Barnie3 was coming to see his sister, "Mrs. Ellen3 Smith", who was living on Ogden Street, Newark, New Jersey. Ellen was living there but as far as the records go she was married to Patrick McVeigh at the time. Bernard3 was living in Newark at the time of his marriage to Mamie Mahoney, after which they lived in East Newark, Kearny, and Harrison. The Newark directory at the time show other Dorans living on Ogden St., Newark, which may or may not be a coincidence.

1909: Springfield Village, Belfast; employee of Jennymount Mill, Belfast, Ireland in the Roving Department, the manager of the department was James Macartney. [Source: British Army Record,]

Census records:

1920 Census:
Bernard3 Doran, 29, Born in Ireland, Boiler Maker - Iron Works, Rents - 602 John Street.
Mary Doran, 24, Born in New York.
Bernard4 Doran, 26/12, Born in New Jersey.
James4 Doran, 6/12, Born in New Jersey.
[Source: 1920 Federal Census. Kearny, Hudson County, NJ New Jersey Archives, Trenton, NJ]

1930 Census:
Barney3 Duran (sic), 40, Born in Irish Free State, Laborer - Stone Yard, Rents - 310 Warren Street.
Mary Duran, Born in New York.
Bernard4 Doran, Jr., 12, Born in New Jersey.
James4 Duran, 10, Born in New Jersey.
Margaret4 Duran, 8, Born in New Jersey.
John4 Duran, 7, Born in New Jersey.
Peter4 Duran, 4-1/2, Born in New Jersey.
Billy4 Duran, 9/12, Born in New Jersey.
[Source: 1930 Federal Census, Harrison, Hudson County, NJ., Roll: T626_1348, Page 19B]

Bernard3 Doran and Mary Mahoney were married at Holy Cross Church, Harrison, NJ on January 17, 1917, 8 pm. [Source: Holy Cross Church marriage records. State of New Jersey, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Certificate and Record of Marriage. Certified copy 11/5/2003 NJ State Bur. of Vital Statistics.]

Marriage Certificate: Bernard3 Doran, 32  State Street, Newark, New Jersey, occupation Machinist, age 27 years, white, born Ireland. Father's name: Bernard2 Doran, Mother's maiden name: Mary Hall. to Mary A. Mahoney. 11 Hamilton Street, Harrison, NJ, age 21, white, born U.S.A. Father's name: John Mahoney. Mother's maiden name: May Carter. Witnesses: James Kayser, Lilly Flaherty, residence of witnesses: Harrison, NJ. Officated by T. J. Hurley, 1 Lodi St., Harrison, NJ.

United Kingdom:
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Special Reserve,enlisted 18 August 1909 through 1910 when Barnie3 left Ireland to come to the States. [Source: British Army Records,]

United States:
WWI Registration. Bernard3 Doran. Form #507, Registration Card #193., age 27, address 608 John Street, Kearny, NJ, date of birth Feb 21, 1890. Alien, Born Belfast, Ireland, British citizen. Occupation: Laborer, Spurr Stone Yard, Harrison, NJ., Wife is dependent, married, Caucasian, Military Service: Private, Company M., 4 years, National Guard of New Jersey., Medium height, medium build, blue eyes, dark hair, not bald, no disabilities, Jun 5, 1917.

Barnie3 Doran died on April 11, 1947 at 12:10 noon after 4 days of illness as per his death certificate [Source: certified copy 11/5/2003 NJ State Bur. of Vital Statistics]

Bernard3 Doran, Sr., Address and place of death: 525 Hamilton Street, Harrison, Hudson Co., NJ. Length of stay in this community: 22 years, U.S. Veteran World War I, Male, White, Married to Mary Mahoney, her age 52 years. Birth date of deceased Feb 22, 1890. Age 37 years 1 month 20 days. Birthplace: Ireland. Usual Occupation. Manon's Express, Newark, NJ. Truck Driver. Father's name: Bernard Doran2, Mother's Name: Elizabeth Hall (sic. His mother is Mary Hall, however he and his siblings were raised by their Aunt Elizabeth Hall after Mary's death). Signature of informant. Mrs. Mary Doran, 525 Hamilton St., Harrison, NJ.  Place of burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Date: April 14, 1947, North Arlington, NJ. Funeral Director: Burt M. Fay. NJ License No. 100. Harrrison, NJ.

"The funeral of Bernard3 Doran Sr., will be held tomorrow from the Bert M. Fay Funeral Home, 332 Harrison avenue, Harrison, to Holy Cross Church, that town, where a high mass of requiem will be offered at 9 A.M. burial will be in Holy Cross Cemetery. Mr. Doran died Friday at his home, 525 Hamilton street, Harrrison. He was born in Ireland 57 years ago and came to this country as a child. He had lived in Harrison since 1925. He was a veteran of World War I. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mary Mahoney Doran; two daughters, Misses Margaret4 and Elizabeth4, and five sons, Bernard4 Jr., James4, Peter4, William4, and Joseph4, all at home."


William John3 Doran (Bernard2/John1)

William John3 Doran was baptized on 17 July 1893 at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was named after his maternal grandfather, William John Hall.  His parents were Bernard2 Doran and Mary Hall. The Halls and Dorans lived in the Springfield Village area of West Belfast. William John's baptism sponsor was Elizabeth [Hull sic] Hall, his mother's sister. William John remained close with Aunt Lizzie all his life and it was to him that Elizabeth Hall left what few possessions she had on her death to her favorite nephew. While his baptism record shows the date July 17th, all other records that William John3 Doran filled out himself throughout his life gives his birth date as 21 July 1893. [Source: Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Baptism Record, Family Report UHF4/02/121;]

William John3 Doran does not appear in the 1901 Irish Census. He would have been seven at the time. His father and brothers are also not enumerated in that census. The boys and their father may have been living in a poor house at the time. If that was the case only their initials and ages would have been recorded, making it very difficult to identify them in the census. They might have been overlooked if they were being taken care of by relatives. The two girls and their Aunt Lizzie are enumerated in 1901 (see Ellen and Elizabeth above).

According to his niece, Sal4 Rafferty, William John3 Doran went to sea when he was around 14, from Belfast, Ireland or Liverpool, England. He apparently came back to Belfast, as he appears in the 1911 Irish Census living again in Springfield Village, Woodvale DED, Belfast, with his aunt, Elizabeth Hall.  He is described as 17 years old, Roman Catholic, can read & write, works in a flax mill as a machine boy, is single, and was born in County Antrim.

As an adult William John3 Doran went back to sea, working primarly as a fireman. This record for William3 Doran may prove to be him as he was known to be living in London at the time of his marriage in 1920. [Source: - An online index of Irish Merchant Seamen active in 1918-1921. Transcription and database copyright © David Snook 2009-2011]

Employment at sea:
William3 Doran, Fireman. RS2 No.398195. Disch A No: 883023. Born: 21 Jun 1895, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Photo: f5 (note: f5 means good quality photo).

William John3 Doran must have traveled back and forth to New Jersey before 1919 because in the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, he registered in Harrison, Hudson County, New Jersey on 2 July 1917, and he had already served in the New Jersey National Guard for one year.

In the U.S. 1930 Federal Census William John3 provides his immigration date as 1912. There is a Border Entry record from Canada, for a Wm John3 Doren [Doran] that seems likely to be his.

Name: Wm John3 Doren; Age: 25; Birth: abt 1893; Birth Location: Ireland; Gender: Male; Citizenship: British; Arrival Port: Bridgeburg, Ontario; Going to: NY; Date of Arrival: 7 June 1918; Employed as: Fireman. Image 12 of 121. [Source: Border Crossings: From U.S. to Canada, 1908-1935. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.  Original data: Library and Archives Canada. Border Entries. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada, n.d. RG 76-C. Department of Employment and Immigration. Microfilm reels: T-5461-T-5507, T-15249-T-15344, T-15346-T-15393]

In the New York Passenger Database there is record for an employee of a ship line that seems to be William John3’s arrival to the U.S., before his wife and child immigrate. On 9 Sept 1923 William Doran arrived in New York, NY, sailing from London, England on the Minnewaska on 1 September 1923. The original port of departure was Belfast, Ireland, sailing on 27 August 1923. Position: Greaser. Height: 5’6”; Weight:136 lbs.  Identifying mark: Tattoo on left arm. Image 25 of 29. [Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010]

On 10 December 1924, Rosina immigrated to New Jersey with their son, Bernard William4. She was coming from her mother's home at 55 Percy Road, Canning Town, London, England, and going to her husband, William3 Doran, at 72 Johnston Ave., Kearny, NJ. [Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010]

WWI Registration Card, New Jersey. #930, Card #1053. William3 Doran, Age 23, Home address: 11 Hamilton Street, Harrison, NJ. Date of Birth: July 21, 1893; Alien; Born Belfast, Ireland; Citizen of Great Britain. Current Occupation: Ship Fireman. by whom employed. Adm. Transport Line.  New York. Single; Caucasian; What military service have you had? 1 year, Private, Infantry, 1st Regt. National Guard, NJ. Any exemption for the draft? No. Medium Height, Medium build. Blue eyes, brown hair, not bald, no disabilities. 1st Ward, Harrison. July 2, 1917. Registered by order of Sheriff Kinkkead, Certificate issues, Affidavit attached. Registrar’s Report: 29-1-13-A. (Note this is the same address as his brother, Bernard3 Doran's, brother in law John Mahoney) [Source: WWI Registration Card, New Jersey Archives, Trenton, NJ]

The World War II Draft Registration Card for William is dated 25 April 1942, and shows his address as 88 South 13th Street, Newark, Essex County, NJ. Serial Number: 371; William J.3 Doran, Age: 49; Birthplace: Ireland; Date of Birth: 7-21-93; Name of person who will always know your address: Mrs. Doran living at the same address; Employer: Richardson Mgf Co., 59 Columbus St., Newark, NJ. Race: White; Height: 5’7”; Weight: 130; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Brown; Complexion: Light; no obvious physical characteristics. [Source: U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010]

William John3 Doran married Rosina Evans in 1920 in West Ham, Essex County, England. She was the daughter of George Stephen Evans and Mary Ann (Hill) Evans. Rose was born in Poplar, London, England. Her birth is registered during the 1st Quarter of 1897.

Their marriage ceremony was performed at St. Margarets & All Saints Roman Catholic Church, Barking Road, Canning Town on 8 May 1920. The record shows: William John3 Doran; 24 years; Bachelor; Ships Greaser; 55 Percy Road, Canning Town, Father's Name & Surname: Bernard2 Doran (deceased); Rank or Profession of Father: Factory Labourer and Rosina Evans; 22 years, Spinster; Rank or Profession (none given); 55 Percey Road, Canning Town; Father's Name & Surname: George Stephen Evans (deceased); Rank or Profession of Father: Electrical Engineer. [Source: Marriage certificate #114, GRO, England, Registration district: West Ham; Inferred County: Essex; Volume Number: 4a; Page Number: 797]



[Source 2: England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc, 2010].

Rosina Evans Doran died 21 October 1959 in Newark, NJ. She is buried with her husband in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, East Hanover, Morris County, NJ. Sec-26 Blk-C Tr-S Gr-3 1A.

Census Records - USA:

1930 Federal Census
William3 and Rosina Doran were living in Newark, New Jersey with their two sons at the time of the 1930 census.

New Jersey, Essex County, Newark, South 13th St, # 33 ½. ED 7-173 SD 5, Page 6B. District 173. Ward II, block 1269. William J.3 Doran, Head, Rent, $33.00. Age 35. Married at age 24. Born Ireland. Parents born Ireland. Immigrated 1912. Naturalized, Occupation Fireman- Boiler.  Employed. Not a Veteran.  Wife:  Rosina R. Doran, age 33, age at marriage 22, born England. Parents born England. Immigrated 1925. Naturalized.  Son: Bernard4, age 9, born England.  Other child [name omitted for privacy], age 2-7/12, born NJ.  [Source: 1930 United States Federal Census. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002.]

1940 Federal Census

Other Records:
On 8 May 1933 William3 paid for a burial plot in Holy Cross Cemetery. His address on the record is 83-1/2 South 13th Street, Newark, NJ. This is where William buried his Aunt Elizabeth Hall in 1933 and his brother Joseph Doran in 1941.

Death and Burial:

William John Doran died on 14 August 1961 and is buried next to his wife Rosina in Sec-26 Blk-C Tr-S Gr-3 1B, Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery, East Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey. [Source 1: Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Newark viewed on 5-19-2013 and Source 2: Find A Grave Memorial# 93810563

The Catholic Cemetery Archiocese of Newark's website indicated we could send a request for a photograph of their gravestone and within one day we received this picture by email. As this is a huge cemetery, the stones are set in the ground, which facilitates ground maintenance. The photographer had to pull away some grass in order to show their first names and years of birth and death, which was the conclusive information we needed to determine this stone was indeed for the right people, William Doran 1893-1961 and Rosina Doran 1897-1959.


Mary Doran (Bernard2/John1)

Mary3 Doran, named after her mother Mary Hall, was born on December 29, 1891 and died soon after.

Baptism record:
Child's name: Mary3 Doran
Birth Date: 29/12/1891
Christening/Reg Date: January 4, 1891[sic] January 4, 1892
Child's townland/street: 5 Springfield Village
Denomination: RC
Sex: F
Father's name: Bernard3 Doran
Mother's name: Mary Hall
Information: Mary McGurk
Comment: Rev H Beatson

[Source: UHF, births, St. Paul's, Belfast, Co. Antrim, RC. Shankill
Parish/District: St. Paul's Belfast; Reg. 1, Page 44, Entry 696]


Joseph3 Doran (Bernard2/John1)

Joseph3 Doran was born on 26 Dec 1895 in Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and was named after his paternal uncle, Joseph2 Doran.  His parents were Bernard2 Doran and Mary Hall, who were living at 36 Servia Street in Smithfield Ward, West Belfast at the time of his birth. St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church is where Joseph3 was baptized on 8 Jan 1896, with his sponsor being given as Rose Ann McNally. (Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Family Report UHF4/02/121;

Census Records - Ireland
Despite extensive online and microfilm searches Genealogy Sisters has not been able to find Joseph3 in the 1901 Irish Census. 

In the 1911 Census of Ireland Joseph is living in Springfield Village, Woodvale DED, Belfast, with his aunt, Elizabeth Hall.  He is listed as 15 years old, Roman Catholic, can read & write, works in a flax mill as a cager, he is single and was born in County Antrim.

Emigration and passenger records:
Joseph3 first came to America when he was 18 years old in 1914.  His step-mother, Mary Kane Doran, is listed on the passenger record as his mother. They were coming to visit Joseph3’s sister, Ellen3 McVeigh. Date: March 16, 1914, S.S. Columbia, sailing from Londonderry, Ireland to NYC. Images 13, 14, and 29 out of 30; Mary Doran, age 45 (about 1869) born Belfast, Ireland. Occupation: nurse. Closest relative in Ireland: Cousin J. Patterson, 82 Nelson St., Belfast, Ireland.  Going to Daughter Nellie3 McVeigh, Caldwell, NJ. Interesting that she did not write her husband's name as her closest relative on the passenger record.

Joseph3 Doran (son) age 18 (about 1895) born in Belfast, Ireland  Occupation: Reeler [in a mill]. Height: 5 foot, fresh complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. Closest relative living in Ireland: J. Patterson. They were detained and held for special inquiry and then admitted.  [ New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.  Year: 1914; Microfilm Serial: T715; Microfilm Roll: T715_2274; Line: 3; Page Number: 193]

There are a series of ship records from the database NY Passenger Lists in 1921 and 1922 that could be this Joseph3 Doran.  The records show a British Subject, born in Ireland of the right age. Joseph3 Doran is employed on the ship “Vestris” as a crew member with the number 120488 assigned in the records. [Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.]

After coming to New Jersey Joseph3 registered in the World War I draft in Hudson County on 5 June 1917. He was listed as Joseph3 Doran, Address; 44 Central Ave., East Newark, NJ; Age: 21; Date of Birth: 26 Dec 1895; Not a US citizen – Alien; born: Belfast, Ireland; British subject; Occupation: Driver for William Gilchrist of East Newark, NJ; Height: medium; Build: medium; Eyes: gray; Hair; light brown.  ( World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2005. Registration Location: Hudson County, New Jersey; Roll: 1712200; Draft Board: 5.

In the family history written by Sal4 Rafferty, she says, ”Joseph3 Doran married Audrey (?) in Cleveland, Ohio.  They had no children.  He died in his thirties.” It is just this kind of tantilizing clue that the Genealogy Sisters love to research. A search of the online database Heritage Quest in the 1920 Federal Census for Toledo, Ohio for women named Audrey, about the right age, who could have married Joseph3 gives three likely results.  Interestingly one of them, Audrey Burson, age 21, single, student nurse, is listed in the 1923 Toledo, Ohio Directory as a nurse, but there is also an Audrey Doran, living at 224 10th Street, listed as a waitress, without a husband listed. In the 1927 Toledo, Ohio directory there is a Mrs. Audrey P. Doran at 2060 N 14th, no occupation listed, but not an Audrey Burson. ( U.S. City Directories (Beta) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA).

Josep3h Doran, it turns out, did indeed marry a woman named Audrey in Ohio. He married Audrey P. Eden, daughter of William and Addie (nee Gilbert) Eden in a civil ceremony on March 17, 1922 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. The marriage record & marriage licence application #41023 is recorded in the Probate Court, Lucas County, Ohio on page 212. The marriage application states that Joseph3 Doran, was 25 years of age on the 27th day of December 1921, his residence was 823 Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio (2 blocks from the river), his place of birth is Ireland, his occupation is Laborer, his father's name is Bernard2 Doran and his mother's name is Mary Hall, and he was not previously married. Audrey Eden is 18 years of age on the 24th day of November 1921, her residence is 823 Summitt Street, Toledo, Ohio. Her birth place is Ohio, her occupation is housework, her father's name is William Eden, her mother's maiden name is Addie Gilbert, and she was not previously married. The marriage certificate states that on the 17th day of March 1922 Joseph3 Doran and Audrey Edens was married by James Austin Jr., Judge Municipal Court, State of Ohio, Lucas County. [Source: Lucas County Marriage Records, online database, Family Search, Latter Day Saints, on January 20, 2012]

Mrs. Audrey P. Doran is listed in the 1927 Toledo, Ohio Directory. And there is a Joseph3 Doran in the 1929 and 1930 Toledo Directory living at the Michigan Hotel.

After Joseph3's death, Audrey Pauline Eden Doran married John Samz about 1947.

Audrey was born 24 Nov. 1904 in Ohio and died in San Francisco on Dec 27, 1961, and she was buried on Dec 30, 1961. Audrey's mother's maiden name was Mary Etta "Addie" Gilbert (b. 1879 d. May 1933 Toledo, OH) and her father's name was William Merlin Eden or Edens (b. March 2, 1878 Cessna, Hardin, OH d. 11 Mar 1948 Toledo, OH). William Eden's World War I Draft Registration indicates he was living at 1409 LaGrange, he had grey eyes, dark hair, and he was a laborer. John Samz was born 7 April 1903 in Wisconsin, and he died 17 March 1974 in San Francisco County, CA ( California Death Index, 1940-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. Original data: State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA, USA: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics).

1948 San Francisco City Directory. Samz, John (Audrey P), whsmn, h. 318 30th Ave., San Francisco, CA

Census Records - USA:
1920 Federal Census
There is only one likely match for Joseph3 Doran, and he is living in Ohio. The census shows a Joseph3 Doran living in Lucas County, in the city of Toledo.  He is 21 years old, single, born in Ireland, immigrated 1915 (reported probably based this on "number of years in the States"), with both parents born in Ireland. He is listed as a boarder in a home at 616 Adams Street with an occupation of waiter in a restaurant.  [Source: www.heritagequestonline Series: T625  Roll: 1408  Page: 247]

Death Records:
Joseph Doran3 was buried on 23 December 1941 at Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, NJ in the plot purchased by his brother William JohnDoran3 in 1933 where their Aunt Lizzie is also buried.    Joseph’s age was recorded as 42, but he had actually died a few days before his 45th birthday.  [Source: Holy Cross Burial Cards: record #38098]. A search of the Newark Evening News and other local newspapers for the obituary of Joseph3 Doran was unsuccessful (searched papers between Dec 16 - Dec 31, 1941).