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This MAHONEY family history starts with John Mahoney and Bridget Buckley of County Cork, Free Republic of Ireland and continues with John Mahoney who emigrated to the US in 1879/1880 and lived in Brooklyn until 1898, when he moved to Harrison, New Jersey.

Generation 1

John Mahoney (circa 1800s)

According to their son John Mahoney's death record, his parents were John Mahoney and Bridget Buckley of the Free Republic of Ireland. It is this writer's belief that the John Mahoney and Bridget Buckley lived in County Cork, Ireland. Some County Cork church records have been found online that may be this family but more work is needed to prove this theory.



Mahoney: Miscellaneous Records

While researching the Mahoney family Genealogy Sisters has compiled nformation that we would like to share with other researchers. Click here to read more.