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John Mahoney (John)
1860 - 1916


John Mahoney was born June 1860 in County Cork, Ireland to John and Bridget Buckley Mahoney. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1879 or 1880 (according to census records). He became a citizen approximately 5 years later according to information recorded in the census records.


This short article published the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper, "A Driver's Probably Fatal Fall" published on Dec 6, 1890, Section: Front Page 1 may in fact be our John Mahoney, although the age noted in the article is wrong by 5 years, the address, 1424 Gates Avenue, is the same address that is noted in his son James Mahoney's birth certificate. The transcription reads:

"John Mahoney, 35 years old, of 1,424 Gates Avenue, a dirt cart driver, about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon fell from his cart near the corner of Central Avenue and Linden Street. His head struck the pavement with great force and his skull was fractured. Two of the unfortunate man's fingers were also crushed by the accident. He was removed to his home in an ambulence by Surgeon Parker."

The family story is that the Mahoney family were forced to move suddenly from Brooklyn NY to Harrison NJ in 1898 when Mary Mahoney was 3 years old. This writer was told that John Mahoney was a driver and there was an accident in which a person was killed. John was afraid that he would be accused of murder or manslaughter and be put in jail. Someone told him that if he moved out of New York he would not be prosecuted. So after having lived in Brooklyn for about 10 years he moved his family to Harrison, New Jersey where he remained until his death in 1916.

Our family has been trying to unravel the truth of the story for quite some time. Recently we found some newspaper articles from the Brooklyn Eagle online archives and the New York Times archives that we believe shed light on what actually happened. While John Mahoney and others may have been implicated in the death of Patrick Gilligan, this writer has not been able to find any subsequent newspaper articles in which any criminal or civil court case ensued nor have I found any convictions of any crimes leading to his death. John Mahoney and two other individuals were arrested by the police and released after providing information to the police regarding what they knew and presumably their alibies.

The Coroner's Certificate of Death for Patrick Gilligan, dated Nov 6, 1898 indicates that Gilligan was found in Newtown Creek a few days after being reported missing by his family. The coroner's report states tje actual place of death was unknown. Patrick Gilligan was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY on Nov 6, 1898. He was a native of Ireland and had been a resident of Brookyn for 15 years and had been in the US for the same amount of time.

"Was Gilligan Murdered", Brooklyn Eagle; Date: Nov 5, 1898; Section: Front page; Page: 1

"One Man Under Arrest Now", Brooklyn Eagle; Date: Nov 6, 1898; Section: None; Page: 4

"Brooklyn Man Murdered". New York Times; Date: November 6, 1898.

"Patrick Gilligan's Death", Brooklyn Eagle; Date: Nov 7, 1898; Section: None; Page: 18.

John Mahoney married Maria Carter (1868-1933) in Brooklyn, New York around 1892. Requests to the New York City Municipal Archives for a search of the years 1892-1893 has produced no record of marriage. A request has been sent to St. Brigid's R. C. Church, Brooklyn, NY for copies of the church records for this family as that was the church in the vicinity of Gates Avenue.

According to census records, Maria Carter was born May 1868 in the Free Republic of Ireland. She spoke English and Gaelic. Her father's name according to her death record was John Carter and her mother's name was Mary (no surname available).

Mary Carter emigrated in 1879 or 1880 based on information provided in various years of the census.

The following passenger record is possibly that of our Mary Carter.
Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
Name:Mary Carter
Arrival Date:1 Sep 1888. Estimated Birth Year:abt 1868
Age:20. Gender:Female.
Port of Departure:Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
Destination:United States of America
Place of Origin:Ireland. Ethnicity/Race/Nationality:Irish
Ship Name:Celtic
Port of Arrival:New York
Line:31. Microfilm Serial:M237. Microfilm Roll:M237_524. List Number:1198
Port Arrival State:New York. Port Arrival Country:United States

A search of the 1888/1889 Brooklyn city directory provides us with a clue as to her possible residence at the time. Mary E. Carter 225 Monroe Brooklyn NY 1888, 1889 (Brooklyn city directory). And a search of the 1892 Police Census of Kings County, NYC provided this record: Marie Carter, Female, 23, Ireland, Alien, Servant, p. 15, Ward 23, 5 ED., 304 Sumner Ave.. Feb 1, 1892. Source: Film 21-792 roll #43, MN320042, 18 ward ED 37-55, 45, 46. (Dec 2004 search done at NY Public Library microfilm room).

Mary Mahoney. Died Feb. 15, 1933. Date of Burial: Feb. 18, 1933. Burial location: Grave 2, Lot No. 405, Section W; Cause of Death Lobar Pneumonia, Funeral from Harrison, NJ, Place of Birth (blank), Age 60*, Certificate by Rev. G.L. Fitzpatrick, Undertaker T.F. Casey. John Mahoney died January 26, 1916 and Mary Mahoney was the owner of the plot. Source: LDS microfilm records for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. * reported age is wrong.

Mary Carter and John Mahoney had 7 children, 3 of whom died in infancy. Only John, Mary, Timothy, and Peter survived to adulthood.

Census records:
1900 Federal Census:
New Jersey, Hudson county, Harrison, Ward 1, District 17, 26 Harrison Ave. (Image 5 of 38. Line 8, Hard to read, comes up as last name Morm)
Date Census taken: 2 June 1900.
John Mahoney, Head, March 1860, age 40, married 7 years, born in Ireland, both Parents born in Ireland, Day Laborer in factory, Immigrated 1879, rents.
Mary Mahoney, Wife, May 1868, age 32, married 7 years, 5 children with 4 living, Born in Ireland, Both parents born in Ireland, Immigrated 1879.
John Mahoney, Son, August 1892, age 7, born in NJ, both parents born in Ireland.
Mary Mahoney, Daughter, April 1896, age 4, born in NJ, both parents born in Ireland.
Thomas Mahoney, Son, Sept 1896, age 3, born  in NJ, both parents born in Ireland.
James Mahoney, Son, Feb 1900, 3/12, born in NJ, both parents born in Ireland.

1910 Federal Census:
New Jersey, Hudson County, Harrison, Ward-1, ED: 35, 220 John Street. SD 8, ED 35, First Ward, Sheet 17B. Line 87. 3 family house.
Date Census Taken:  26 April 1910
John Mahoney, 49, Head, M1, Married 17 years, Birthplace Self: Ire-Irish, Father: Ire-Irish, Mother: Ire-Irish, Naturalized. Mother tongue English, Immigration: 1879, Laborer- Steel works, can read and write, rents home
Mary Mahoney, 42, Wife, M1, Married 17 years, 7 children, 4 living, Birthplace Self: Ire-English, Father: Ire-English, Mother: Ire-English, Mother tongue English, Immigration: 1880[sic], Occupation: Washerwoman - at home, can read and write English.
John Mahoney, 16, son, born New York, Occupation: Laborer - Charcoal Co.
Mary Mahoney, 15, daughter, Occupation: Winder- Thread co.
Tim Mahoney, 12, son, Attends school
Peter Mahoney, 6, son, Attends school

1915 New Jersey State Census:
John Mahoney, 41 Cleveland Ave., Harrison, NJ. Mahoney, John. born June 1860, age 54, Born Ireland and parents born in Ireland. Has been in U.S. for 35 years (approx 1880). Naturalized citizen. Rents home. Can read and write English. Laborer.
Source: Census microfilm records, NJ Archives, Trenton, NJ.

John Mahoney and Mary Carter Mahoney are both buried in an unmarked grave in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, East Orange.

John Mahone [sic]. Place of Death: Newark, NJ., St. Michael's Hospital. Date of Death: Jan. 26, 1916. Cause: Cerebral hemorrhage.  Info: Male, White, Married. Address: 41 Cleveland Ave., Harrison, NJ. Date of Birth: June 10, 1860. Age: 55 years 7 months. Occupation: Laborer. Place of Birth: Ireland. Name of Father: John Mahoney - Born Ireland. Name of Mother: Bridget Buckley - Born Ireland. Place of Burial: C.H.S.(Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, East Orange, NJ). Date of burial: January 29, 1916. Source: NJ State Department of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics, Essex County.