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The surname Mirota is known to have been in use, in written form, as early as the 12th century. There are approximately 469 individuals in Poland with the surname Mirota. The name is even less common in the United States.

This MIROTA family history starts in Pławna, Galicia, Poland. Pławna [ˈpwavna] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Ciężkowice, within Tarnów County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. The area was known as Małopolska (Little Poland). The village lies in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, a few kilometers west of Zborowice and approximately 50 miles east of Krakow.

Jan1 Mirota
ca 1725 - 1795

1725 Plawna, Poland. Birth year is estimated. His death record gives his age as 70. His parents names are unkown.


Children: Jozef2 Mirota is the only child of Jan1 Mirota to have been positively identified so far.

House #4 in the Roman Catholic church records for the village of Plawna. The house was passed down to the first born sons at least through the beginning of the 20th century according to the church records we have been able to research.

Jan1 Mirota was reported to be 70 years old at his death on 21 January 1795 in Plawna, Galicia, Poland.



Miscellaneous Records

While researching the Mirota family Genealogy Sisters have compiled a good deal of information that we would like to share with other researchers. Click here for miscelleanous Mirota records.

Researchers Notes:

We are so fortunate that the Roman Catholic Church allowed the Church of the Latter Day Saints to microfilm the Tarnow Roman Catholic Diocese Church Books, 1612-1900.The original church records were copied by the Latter Day Saints (LDS) and provided to researchers on microfilm numbers 2064570 and 2064571.The original documents are written in Latin. In this informal family history the names may be written in Latin, Polish, or English, as the writer chooses. Our research was conducted at the Family History Center in Princeton, NJ where we were able to keep the Tarnow RC Diocese Church Book microfilms on indefinite loan for a number of years. The LDS church eventually closed the reading center and the microfilm were returned to Salt Lake City. One can research these records online now at the site, however the information transcribed is minimal and often contains transcription errors. This writer would suggest researchers use the online search as an index and then order the microfilm to read at a FamilySearch center or participating Library (a list of these libraries is available at

The earliest vital record we have been able to document for this Mirota family, which lived in Plawna, is the 1795 death record of Jan1 Mirota, which gave his age as 70 years old, and his household was identified as Number 4, Plawna. The church assigned numbers to each of the homes in the parish to help with identification. The low number is interesting because one can assume that the family was among the earliest parishioners of the church in that village. The house number is signficant in our search as it is also the house number on the baptism record of our immigrant ancestor, Jozef4 Mirota. We had been told one of the reasons Jozef left Poland in 1906 was because he would not inherit the family home as he was not the first born son. The records prove this story true.

The Roman Catholic church records for Plawna and Zborowice are part of the LDS Microfilms #2064570 and #2064571.