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The surname Mirota is known to have been in use, in written form, as early as the 12th century. There are approximately 469 individuals in Poland with the surname Mirota. The name is even less common in the United States.

Thomas5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1864 - ?

Thomas5was born 8 December 1864 to Jacob4 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis. His godparents were Casimir Potak and Anastasia Bochenek. House #4.

At least one Genealogy Sister believes that Thomas5 Mirota may have emigrated to Brazil. His brother Jozef received many letters from a brother who had emigrated to South America being unable to get passage to America. Over the years, Jozef sent his brother money to help him travel to America. Finally Jozef decided enough was enough and stopped sending his brother any money. He did not hear from his brother again. The surname Mirota turns up frequently in internet searches in Brazil. Just saying. I would love to know if their ancestors came from Plawna, Poland.



Marie5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1867 - 1942

Marie5 was born 4 January 1867 to Jacob4 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis. House #4.

Marie5 died 15 November 1942 in Plawna at the age of 75. Her death is the last record Genealogy Sisters found for the Mirota family in the church records for House #4.

Male child name unreadable in the record5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1871 - 1872

The third child born to Jacob4 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis was a boy; he was the twin of Agatha5 born on 17 November 1871. House #4. His godparents were Stanislaus Bochenck and Catharine Popiella.

The boy died on 22 June 1872. The church records include notations, such as death dates on the baptism records. This is how we know the boy's death date, but do not know his name.


Agatha5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1871 - 1902

Agatha5 was born on 17 November 1871 to Jacob4 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis. Her godparents were Jacob Tabis and Marianna, daughter of Antonio Tabis.

Agatha5 died on 15 December 1902 according to the church record.


Peter Paul5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1875 - 1908

Peter Paul5 was born 17 May 1875 to Jacob4 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis/

Peter Paul5 was married to Agatha Rafa (born about 1876 and died 30 December 1908 in Plawna).

Catarina5 , Stanislaus5, Marianna5 , Lucilla5, Adam5, Unamed child5 ,

Peter Paul5 was married only nine years when he died on 13 May 1908. His wife Agatha was pregnant. She died seven months later and their stillborn child died with her.


Magdalena5 Mirota(Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1879 - 1919

The birth date of Magdalena5 is estimated to be 1879 based on her age in her death record.

Magdalena5 died on 3 Feburary 1919 at House #4, Plawna. She was 40 years old.


Julia5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1879 - prior to1940

Julia5 aka Julianna Mirota was born 15 September 1879 in Plawna, Poland. According to her baptism record she was the daughter of Jacob4 Mirota, son of Martin4 & Marianna Bochenak Mirota, and Margaretha, daughter of Anthony Tabis and Agatha Gucwa. The sponsors were Adelbertus Wautuch and Anastasia Bochenak.

Julia5 had one son born in 1903 at House #4, Plawna. The name of the boy's father is not mentioned in his Baptism record. When Julia left for America the boy, who was 9 years old then, remained behind with her sisters and mother. As far as Genealogy Sisters can determine the boy never left Poland. We do know that he was in communication with his Uncle Jozef5 Mirota. Genealogy Sisters has a photo of him taken around 1923 that he sent to his uncle and aunt in America.

Emigration: Julia5 emigrated from Poland when she was 32 years old. She sailed out of Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands, on the SS Rotterdam, arriving at Ellis Island, NY on 24 June 1912. Her passage was paid for by her brother, Jozef Mirota. She had a train ticket to Carnegie, PA and had $4.00 cash. She was going to her brother in (PO Box 41) Cherry Valley, PA. Julia was described as 5' tall, blonde, blue eyes. She was born in Plawna, Poland (Galicia, Austria). Her occupation was farm laborer, she was single, could not read or write, and was of Polish descent. Her next of kin in Poland was her mother, Malgorrota Mirota also of Plawna, Galicia.

Although a marriage license was issued to Julia5 Mirota and Tunasits Mytro (Allegheny marriage license #16789, Vol 87, p. 299, in 1913, the marriage was apparently called off.

A second marriage license was issued to Julia5 Mirota. It was for a marriage to Joseph Bozicevic dated 14 November 1913 (Allegheny marriage license #18339, posted, Docket No. 87, Page No. 560). The couple was married three days later in Cherry Valley, PA where the bride was living with her brother Jozef5 and his family. Personal details on license application: Jozef Bozicevic, occupation Miner. Country of birth is Croatia, Austria. Residence Cherry Valley, PA. Age 33 years, no previous marriage. He is the son of Michael and Lucia Bozicevic, both of Croatia. Father's occupation is farmer. Jozef signed the form. Julia5 Mirot is 32 years old, her Country of birth is Galicia, Austria. She is the daughter of Jakub4 and Margarite Tabisz Mirota. Her father is deceased. Her mother is still living in Galicia. Mother's occupation is Housekeeper as is hers. Julia5 does not know how to write and so makes a mark for her signature, which is then signed for her. The marriage was officiated by Rev. A. Rudnicki at Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Cherry Valley, PA. This church was opened in 1912 and closed in 1994.

Genealogy Sisters has one photo of Julia5 Mirota and Joe Bozicevic, probably taken around the time of their marriage. The address noted on the back of the photo is Joffre, PA, which is not far from Cherry Valley, PA. Ironically more information has been found for Joe Bozicevic than for Julia5 .

Jozef Bozicevic's WWI Draft Registration card indicates he was a coal miner for the Carnegie Coal Company. His next of kin was his wife Julika Bozicevic, same address, PO Box 71, Joffre, PA. He was 37 years old, born February 1879. The date is difficult to read but it looks like September 17, 1918. Source:

Jozef Bozicevic, PO Box 76, Virginville, Brook, W.Va. signed a Declaration of Intention (File #1354, Certification No. 6x 21856) in the State of West Virginia, County of Brook, in the Circuit Court at Wellsburg, W.VA. to become a citizen of the USA on 27 February 1940. According to this paperwork he was widowed as his wife Julia5 was deceased. His occupation was farmer, he was 61 years old, male, white color, fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, 5'5" tall, weight 150 pounds. His nationality was Croatian, country Yugoslavia. He was born in Skradnik, Yugoslavia on 14 February 1879. He had no children. He previously filed a declaration of Intent on January 21, 1913 at Pittsburg, PA. His last foreign residence was Skradnik, Yugoslavia. He emigrated from Bremen, Germany sailing on the SS Princess Alice under the name Josef Bozicevic and entered New York, NY on 20 May 1905. (Source: West Virginia, Naturalization Records, 1814-1991 Brooke Declarations of Intention, 1937-1940. v. 9. Image 88 of 127. Note: the copy of his declarationon this website is most likely only the first page. Reference is made to his photograph, which is not attached to this page.

Jozef Bozicevic's World War II Draft Registration card (Serial #1210): Jozef Bozicevic,Box 76, Virginville, Brooke, W. Va. He is 63 years old, born in Skradnik, Yugoslavia on 14 February 1879. His next of kin is George Bozicevic (cousin) of Benwood, W. Va., Jozef was unemployed on that date. He is white, 5'5" tall, 150 pounds, brown eyes, brown/grey hair, light complexion. No obvious physical markes. Date of registration April 27, 1942. Local Board, Selective Service, Potter Building, Buchannon (Upshur County) W. Va.

Julia's death is assumed to be prior to 1940 based on her husband's Declaration of Intention (see above). The place of her death is unknown and we assume it occurred in either Pennsylvania or West Virginia.


Jozef5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
(1882 - 1961)

Jozef5 Mirota was born 26 April 1882 in Plawna (house #4) to Jakub5 Mirota and Margaretha Tabis. He married Zofia Szczerba of Berdechow au Bobova, Poland on 17 February 1909 in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Zofia was the daughter of Petrus (Peter) Szczerba and Apolonia (Pauline) Olszewska.

Military: Jozef5 served in the military under the regime of the Austrian Empire. It was obligatory for men in the Austrian Empire to serve in the miltary for three years. They could be reconscripted at any time. Jozef5 had no objection to military service but he vehemently was opposed to serving in the oppressor's army. He fervently hoped for Poland's independence from Austria or any other country.

Emigration and Naturalization:
Passenger list record:
Name: Jozef5 Mirota Departure Date: 10 Nov 1906 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1881 Age Year: 25 Gender: mŠnnlich (Male) Marital Status: ledig (Single) Family: Household members Residence: Plawne Ethnicity/Nationality: …sterreich (Austrian) Occupation: Landmann, Tagelšhner Ê Ship Name: Patricia Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff Accommodation: Zwischendeck Ship Flag: Deutschland (Germany) Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Cuxhaven; (New York) Boulogne-Sur-Mer; Plymouth; New York Ê Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 184 Page: 2747 Source: Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934.

Petition for Naturalization
Number 422, Hunterdon County Court of Common Pleas, Flemington, NJ. Declaration of Intent #297934 (Oct 7, 1924). Jozef had lived in NJ continuously since January 1, 1920.

Certificate of Naturalization
Number 2465340 issued on March 24, 1927 (he was 45 years old). Oath of Allegiance made on November 23, 1926.

Description of Jozef5 from his naturalization papers dated 1924: White, light complexion, height 5 feet 8 inches, weight 150 pounds, light hair, blue eyes, visible marks – fore finger and middle finger on left hand scarred.

Marriage: Jozef5 and Zofi (Sophia) were married on February 27, 1909 by Reverend Frank F. Poszukanis at St. Mary’s Church in Carnegie,Allegheny Co, Pa. St. Mary’s was a Polish church that was no longer part of the Roman Catholic rite. Rev. Poszukanis was at St. Mary’s from 1906 to 1911. At the time of their wedding, Jozef5 was living in Cherry Valley, his occupation was Fireman in the coal mine. Sophia was living in Idlewood, a town adjacent to Carnegie, PA.

Early Married Life: Jozef5 and Zofia lived in Cherry Valley, Washington County, PA in the early years together. They had 4 children, all born in Cherry Valley. The children's godparents were friends and family who had also emigrated from Poland. In 1914 Jozef

After reading an advertisement in the Polish weekly newspaper for farmland in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Jozef5 made a 640 mile round trip, probably by train, to look it over. He chose a 15 acre farm that had a small dutch colonial farmhouse with no insulation and no plumbing, but it had a large barn and several good sized outbuildings, an orchard, a stream and tillable land. The farm had been subdivided from the former Adrian H. Pickle farm. The Pickell Farm had been in that family since the early 1700s. The Indenture was signed August 19, 1914 for $1 with promise to pay a mortgage of $2,200 on or before January 1, 1920. Book 311 of Deeds, at page 374. Hunterdon County Clerk’s office, Flemington, NJ. Deed granted by Kline Realty & Improvement Company. In 1920, he quit his job at a fireman at the coal mine in Cherry Valley, PA anddrove his young family by wagon 320 miles to New Jersey, bringing just a few possessions with them. While they undoubtably found it hard to leave their extended family behind in Washington County, PA, welcoming them in Readington Township, NJ was a growing community of Polish immigrants. They quickly made friends among their fellow Poles.

Death: Jozef5 died September 18, 1961 at the home of his daughter on Mountain Road, Whitehouse Station, NJ. Internment was from Robert B. Hauck Funeral Home, Old Highway, Whitehouse, NJ
High Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church on Thursday morning with Rev. Bernard Coen officiating, burial at St. Bernard’s Cemetery, Raritan, NJ.


Jan5 Mirota (Jacob4/Martin3/Jozef2/Jan1)
1890 - 1942

Jan5 Mirota was born 18 March 1890 in House #4, Plawna.

On 4 January 1942, Jan5 the youngest child of Jacob Mirota and Margaretha Tabis died in the family home in Plawna. He was 51 years old.



The next generation is not included in this family history for privacy reasons. It is unknown whether any Mirota family members are still living in Poland.


The Roman Catholic church records for Plawna and Zborowice are part of the LDS Microfilms #2064570 and #2064571.