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While researching the DORAN family Genealogy Sisters have compiled records that we would like to share with other researchers.

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Cemetery/Burial Records - Doran

New Jersey:

North Arlington: Dorans buried in Holy Name Cemetery, Hudson County, New Jersey: To download excel file, click here HNC_Index_Doran

Northern Ireland:

Belfast: Belfast City Cemeteries, 1873-2010 - Doran Burials (in pdf format). Source:
This file by no means is a comprehensive listing of all Dorans buried in Belfast. The Catholic Cemeteries are not included. Given that most of our Doran relatives in Ireland were Roman Catholic, we can safely assume they are not included in this listing. The the City of Belfast does not "look after, or hold records for, Milltown Cemetery or Knockbreda Cemetery. For more information, call Milltown Cemetery on 028 9061 3972 or Knockbreda Cemetery on 028 9049 4500."

Information about Belfast City Cemeteries, click here.

Following are a few records from those cemeteries.

Belfast, Antrim County, Northern Ireland

Occupants of grave B 104, City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

As far as we know, the Dorans noted below are not part of our Doran clan. Joseph Doran (about 1848-1926) was a Commercial Traveller for a Tea Company. Joseph Doran lived on Wolseley Stree. He was born in County Tyrone, and tet family was Presbyterian. He lived on that street in the 1911 census, and at 64 Cromwell Road in 1901, age 50, with wife Susanna age 48 born in County Down, along with their children: Susan, Helen, John, William, and Thomas Doran.

Forename Surname Age Date of death Date of burial Cemetery
Susan Doran 86 Years 7 August 1960 9 August 1960 City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

Susanna Doran 85 Years 26 July 1933 28 July 1933 City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

Joseph Orr Doran 78 Years 24 September 1926 25 September 1926 City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

Helen Wallace Doran 85 Yrs 30 January 1965 1 February 1965 City Cemetery - Glenalina Extension

Church records:

St. Mathew's Roman Catholic Church, Ballymacarrett, Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Hugh Doran, son of Hugh Doran and Ellen Murray baptised 14 November 1857, record accessed at National Library of Ireland, Parish Records on 8 October 2015. Download JPG here.

Downpatrick, Diocese of Down and Connor, County of Down, Northern Ireland.

Patrick Doran, son of Patrick and Eliza Doran baptised 21 Feb 1858, Microfilm 05478 / 10, record accessed at National Library of Ireland, Parish Records on 8 October 2015. Download JPG here. This may or may not be the Patrick Doran, son of Patrick Doran, who is the father of Arthur Patrick Doran. More research needs to be done.

City Directories - Doran

New Jersey:

Harrison, Kearny, East Newark, and North Arlington Directories

Doran, Bernard. emp S H Co, bds 4 President East Newark

Doran, Bernard. mech h 602 John St., Kearny (pg 115)

Doran, Bernard. mech, h 41 Searing Ave, Harrison
Doran, Joseph.driver. h 44 Central Av., East Newark

Doran, Bernard (Mary A), landscape gardner, h 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Bernard J., in US Army, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Jas E (Margt M), Doran's Tavern, 247 Schuyler av, Kearny, h - do
Doran, Jas J., in US Army, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, John J., in US Army, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Margt M., folder CTCo, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Rose A., mach opr RCA, r 49 Sherman av, EN

Doran, Bernard (Mary A), landscape gardener, h 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, James J. in US Army, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Margaret M., r 525 Hamilton, Harrison
Doran, Peter, emp AWKS, r 525 Hamilton, Harrison

City of Newark Directories:

Doran, Bernard. machinist, 49 Bridge Street, Newark (pg 594)

Doran, Bernard. rem to Harrison

Doran, William J. (Rose). sta fireman h (4C) 442 Orange St.
Doran, Theodore. r (4C) 442 Orange St

Doran, Bernard constr wkr 73 NJRR Av h (A3) 645 Summer Av)
Doran, Bernard W (Elizabeth A) rem to Wood Ridge
Doran, Catherine emp 11 Gray r do
Doran, Frank (Ann) (Malibu Bar) 376 Plan h at Perth Amboy
Doran, James D (Anne M) leather wkr NY h 43 Holland
Doran, John R (Maryanna J) slsman Weehawken h 187 Wainwright
Doran, Joseph F (Ann M) adjuster r 26 fl 1180 Raymond Blvd h at W Orange
Doran, Joseph J (Dolores) chef 198 Jefferson h 396 Walnut
Doran, Joseph P (Elsie R) maintman Belleville h 18 N End ter
Doran, Lawrence r 275 Mulberry
Doran, Margaret Mrs. clk Kearny h (308) 538 Summer Ave
Doran, Mary Mrs. r 30 Ferry
Doran, Robert technical asst TelCo h (10L) 250 Mount Vernon place
Doran, Robert (Sandra) printer 177 Plane r 84 Burnet
Doran, Theodore r (4C) 442 Orange
Doran, Theodore (Margaret E) brewery wkr 75 Belmont Av r 519 Summer Av
Doran, Theodore C r 229 Alexander
Doran, Thomas W (Mary A) slsman 418 Halsey h 112 Pesine Av
Doran, William laborer r 153 Sylvan Av
Doran, William J (Rose) Sta Fireman h (4C) 442 Orange

Northern Ireland

Belfast City, Northern Ireland Directories

1835-1836: Doran/Dorran Surname search (in pdf format)

Belfast Ireland Directory: Source Search online 7-24-2015

1852 Name Index (note that not all names are in the index. A search by street is often necessary to find the "little people" and some small houses are not listed at all. Search results for Doran/Dorran.

Doran, Bernard, fowl dealer, 25 Stanfield Street
Doran, Bernard, dealear, 27 Samuel Street
Doran, Bernard, cow keeper, 9 Annette Street
Doran, Edward, mason, 39 Falls Road
Doran, John, manager in foundry 8 Campbells Buildings, Townsend Street
Doran, John, clerk, 8 Campbells Buildings, Shankill Road
Doran, Miss, teacher at the Infant School, Pilot Street
Doran, William, mechanic, Shankill Road

1861 Street Listings search results for Doran/Dorran

Doran, Bernard, spirit dealer, #4 Annette Street
Doran, Francis, hackler, #7 Boomer Street (off Bath Place)
Doran, George, maritime teacher in the Model School, #19 Garmoyle Street (North _Corporation St)
Doran, Robert, painter, #27 Roy Street (off Stanfield St.)
Dorran, B., lodgings, #29 Samuel Street (Winetavern Street to Millfield)
Doranns,Wm., mechanic, #138 Shankill Road (from Upper Peter's Hill)

1877 Street Listings search results for Doran/Dorran

Doran, Andrew, #9 Albert Street (off Falls Road)
Doran, Jas., spirit dealer, #42 Annette Street
Doran, Catherine, #49 Annette Street
Doran, Owen, gateman, #37 Beersbridge Road, Mount Pottinger
Doran, Patrick, tailor, #3 Derby Street (Divis Street to Milford Street)
Doran, Samuel, turner, #27 Downing Street (Shankill Road to Blenheim Street)
Doran, Rose, Middlepath Street (off Bridge End), Ballymacarrett
Doran, Denis, grocer, #1 Murphy Street (Verner Street to Eliza Street)
Doran, Joseph, hackle setter, #63 McDonnell Street (off Grosvenor Street)
Doran, Mary, #9 Nail Street (English Street to Irvine Street)
Doran, John, tobacco spinner, #8 Newtownards Road (Bridge End to Holywood Arches), Ballymacarrett (Harland Street intersects)
Dorran, Mrs., #7 Pakenham Street (Dublin Road to Donegall Pass)
Doran, Edwd, smith, #4 Portland Street (Great George's Street to Lancaster Street)
Doran, Jas. A., commercial traveller, #18 Radcliffe Street (Donegall Pass to Posnett St.)
Dorrans, Mrs. #142 Shankill Road (Northumberland Street, intersects Bower's Hill)
Doran, Mrs., #74 Stanfield Street (Murphy Street to Stewart Street)
Doran, Thomas, #11 Staunton Street (Eliza Street to Stansfield Street)
Doran, Patrick, #10 Verner Street (May Street to Murphy Street, Annette Street intersects
Doran, John, linen lapper, #57 Wall Street (Carrick Hill to Denmark Street)
Doran, Arthur, #31 York Lane (off York Street)
Doran, John, #6 Wensley Street (Henry Street to Little George's Street)
Doran, John, flaxdresser, #9 Whitehall Court (off Pound Street)

1908 Name Index

Doran, Alfred, traveller, 22 Orient Gardens
Doran, Christopher, shunter, 5 Canton Street
Doran, Edward, linen lapper, 76 Clementine Street
Doran, F. C., & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 1 Howard Street
Doran, H., farmer, Cherry Hill, Andersonstown, Falls Road
Doran, H., engine driver, 11 Cape Street
Doran, H. J., spirit grocer, 72 Bryson Street
Doran, H. J., publican, 27 Ravenhill Road
Doran, Isaac, bookkeeper. 3 Arlington Street
Doran, George Augustus, J.P., distiller, Dunattor, Malone Road
Doran, J. A., brewery agent, 79 King Street
Doran, John, J.P., wine and spirit merchant, Dunattorfi, Malone Road
Doran, John, engine driver, 4 Leoville Street
Doran, John, grocer, 1 Thames Street
Doran, Joseph, commercial traveller, 28 Wolseley Street
Doran, M., 25 Dunluce Avenue Doran, Patrick, spindle maker, 56 Cawnpore Street
Doran, Sarah, restaurant, 13 Union Street
Doran, William, dairyman, 1 Upton Cottages, Glen Road
Doran, W. T., J.P., distiller, 5 Windsor Avenue North
Doran, William James, meter inspector, 68 Greenore Street
Doran & Co., Distillers; head offices, 7 Corporation Square; Bonded Warehouses, Stack D, 7, 11 Steam Mill Lane; duty free warehouses, 88 to 92 Tomb Street


Census Records


1901 Census of Ireland - Doran/Dorran Surname (downable in spreadsheet format)

1911 Census of Ireland - Doran/Dorran Surname (downloadable in spreadsheet format)

Military Records

World War I Ireland - Doran For a searchable list of the Irishmen who served with the Royal Irish Rifles up to 1922. This link will take you to the Doran page. But you can use it to search for other names as well.


Other bits & pieces

THE MORNING NEWS, TUESDAY, MARCH 10 1891. BELFAST NATIONAL COMMITTEE IN SUSTAINMENT OF THE IRISH PARLIAMENTARY PARTY. In accordance with the resolution passed at the meeting on Wednesday evening, 4th inst, in St Mary�s Hall, the secretaries attended on Friday night from 7.30 till 9.30, for the purpose of enrolling the gentlemen who signified their approval of the establishment in Belfast of a National Committee for the Sustainment of the Irish Parliamentary Party in its opposition to the Parnell Leadership Committee. The following further instalment of names has been handed to us for publication:


Edward Doran, 23 Durham Place
John Doran, 24 Plevna
Joseph Doran, 14 Milan Street
Bernard Doran, Leopold street