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While researching the HORN family, Genealogy Sisters has compiled information that we would like to share with other researchers.

Naturalization Records
Source: Filby's, US WPA Index to Records of Aliens' Declaration of Intention, Philadelphia, PA, Vol 5, " H", p. 269.

Horn, Henry, 1850
Horn, Henry, 1880
Horn, Herman, 1859
Horn, I. Otto, 1880
Horn, James, 1858
Horn, James, 1856
Horn, John, 1829
Horn, John, 1856
Horn John, 1868
Horn, Joseph, 1856
Horn, William, 1850.


Source: Index to Naturalization Petitions to the US., Circuit and District Courts for Maryland 1797-1951, Hol-Kerr. M1168, Roll 8, Cabinet 37/10.

John V. Horn, Baltimore, MD. T.S. #8, Folio 352, USDC Baltimore, MD. Born Hesse-Darmstadt. Date: 10-5-1840. Witness: Peter Kreis.

Martin Horn, Baltimore, MD, Born Hesse-Darmstadt. D.J. U.S.C.C. Date 11-6-1854. TS #7, Folio 249.