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While researching the MAHONEY family, Genealogy Sisters has compiled some information that we would like to share with other researchers.


New Jersey
Source: Harrison, Kearny, East Newark and Arlington City Directories

1913 Harrison, Kearny & Arlington City Directry (NJ):

Mahoney, Dennis, boilermkr h River rd n Chauncey av NA
Mahoney, John, lab h 437 John H
Mahoney, John F emp Chemical Charcoal Co bds 437 John E N
Mahoney, Timothy J, tailor h 33 Reynolds av H
Mahoney, William, emp H R W bds Ann H

1915 Harrison, Kearny & Arlington City Directory:

Mahoney, Dennis, boilermkr h Fifth av NA
Mahoney, John , lab, h 41 Cleveland av H
Mahoney, John F, emp Chemical Charcoal Co, bds 41 Cleveland av H
Mahoney, Peter, emp P S Gas Co, bds 102 Kearny av K
Mahoney, William, emp, H R W bds 16 Ann H

1917 Harrison, Kearny & Arlington City (NJ) Directory: Mahoney - page 305 -306

Mahoney, Dennis, boilermkr h th av N A
Mahoney, John, emp Chemical Charcoal Co bds 11 Hamilton H
Mahoney, Mary, wid John h 11 Hamilton H
Mahoney, Peter, emp P S Gas Co h 270 Maple K
Mahoney, Timothy, bds 11 Hamilton H
Mahoney, William, emp W P & M Co bds 717 Jeresey H

1920 Harrison, Kearny & Arlington (NJ) City Directory: Mahoney - page 191

Mahoney, Dennis, boilermkr h 5th av NA
Mahoney, John, Charcoal dir bds 58 Harrison av H
Mahoney, Mary, wid John h 58 Harrison av H
Mahoney, Peter, emp P S Gas Co h 270 Maple K

1929 Harrison, Kearny & Arlington (NJ) City Directory: Mahoney/Mahony - page 398
Mahoney, Bernard, painter r 17 Devon K
Mahoney, Denis, eng h 31 Sunset av NA
Mahoney, James J, tanner h 16 Washington H
Mahoney, John, lab r 58 Harrison av H (son of Mary Mahoney)
Mahoney, Mary, wid John 58 Harrison av H
Mahoney, Peter, eng h 109 Bergen av K
Mahoney, Thomas F, h 325 Chestnut A
Mahony, Peter P, chauf h 30 Harrison av H (son of Mary Mahoney)

New York

Selected listings from the BROOKLYN DIRECTORY, NYC LIBRARY MICROFILM Search date December, 2004.

Jno. Mahony, driver, 415 Van Brundt
Jno. Mahoney, driver, 1424 Gates Ave.*
James Mahoney, driver, 975 Gates Ave.

John Mahoney, driver, 791 Kent Ave.
John Mahon, conductor, h. 169 23rd St.,
Patrick Mahoney, conductor, h. 339 Irving Ave.
James Mahoney, driver, h. 975 Gates Ave

John Mahoney, conductor, 260 Wyckoff
John Mahoney, motorman, 3 Ninth St.**

John Mahoney, conductor, 287 Irving Ave
John Mahoney, motorman, 203 W. 9th.**
Patrick Mahoney, 343 Irving
Patrick Mahoney, conductor, 579 Flushing
Patrick Mahoney, motorman, 783 Madison Ave
James Mahoney, motorman, 783 Madison Ave
Patrick Mahoney, 574 Manhattan Ave.

Source 1897.98 Lain's Directory - Brooklyn - M, ( Free Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page - transcribed): all Mahoney/Mahony listings:

MAHONEY And'w driver h 613 Kent av
MAHONEY And'w engineer h 54 Cumberland
MAHONEY Austin lab h 352 Smith
MAHONEY Bart mason h 318 Wyckoff
MAHONEY Bartholomew J clk. h 325 Furman
MAHONEY Bernard J agt. 31 Troutman
MAHONEY Cath dressmkr 257 Nassau av
MAHONEY Chas. J candies 320 ½ Henry h 367 Hicks
MAHONEY Cornelius bookkpr h 47 Wilson
MAHONEY Cornelius lab h 107 Classon av
MAHONEY Dan'l carp'r. h 218 Wyckoff
MAHONEY Cornelius J Private Detective Ag. 367 & 371 Fulton rooms 84 & 85 Arbuckle bldg h 296 Sackett
MAHONEY Dan'l contractor h 259 20th
MAHONEY Dan'l F printer h 82 Utica av
MAHONEY Dan'l D bricklayer h 450 3d av
MAHONEY David carp'r h 218 Wyckoff
MAHONEY David mechanic h 185 Jay
MAHONEY David wirewkr. h 309 S 2d
MAHONEY David M drygds 161 Bridge
MAHONEY Delia wid Timothy h 295 Prospect pk w.
MAHONEY Denis plaster h 328 G'point av
MAHONEY Dennis burnisher h 487 6th av
MAHONEY Dennis fireman h 817 Kent av
MAHONEY Dennis tailor h 199 B'way
MAHONEY Dennis wirewkr h 571 Met av MAHONEY Dennis J police h 47 Wilson MAHONEY Edw'd candy 1695 Atlantic av MAHONEY Edw'd conductor h 2720 Atlantic av
MAHONEY Edw'd J carp'r h 549 10th
MAHONEY Elizabeth dressmkr h 443 Gold
MAHONEY Elizabeth wid.Cornelius h 312 56th
MAHONEY Ellen wid.Jeremiah h 140 Coffey
MAHONEY Ellen wid.Mich'l h 785 Hart
MAHONEY Ellen J wid.Fred'k. h 29 Hicks
MAHONEY Eugene sashmkr h 257 Nassau av
MAHONEY Francis R carrier h 96 Bedford av
MAHONEY Frank boilermkr h 13 Manhasset pl
MAHONEY Geo F fireman h 250A Nassau av
MAHONEY Henrietta E wid Eugene h 253 Nassau av
MAHONEY Jas. liquors h 148 5th av
MAHONEY Jas. machinist h 47 Wilson
MAHONEY Jas. paver h 80 Navy
MAHONEY Jas. B. cigarmkr. h 122 Buffalo av
MAHONEY Jeremiah boxmkr. h 328 G'point av
MAHONEY Jeremiah cooper h 96 Bedford av
MAHONEY Jeremiah engineer h 133 Ralph
MAHONEY Jeremiah liwuors h 200 Smith
MAHONEY Jeremiah seaman h 145 27th
MAHONEY Jeremiah shipchandler h 157 22d
MAHONEY Jeremiah J. detective h 150 Atlantic av
MAHONEY Jeremiah L. h 545 Henry
MAHONEY Johanna wid. James h 243 Court
MAHONEY John baker h 47 Wilson
MAHONEY John barber h 2131 Dean
MAHONEY John bookbinder h 102 S 4th
MAHONEY John clk. h r 273 Tillary
MAHONEY John citter h 80 PRince
MAHONEY John driver h 137 Dupont
MAHONEY John engineer h 83 St Edward's
MAHONEY John fireman h 296 Sackett
MAHONEY John foreman h 698 6th av
MAHONEY John lab. h 495 Court
MAHONEY John lab. h 148 Norman av
MAHONEY John liquors h 1691 Nostrand
MAHONEY John liquors h 200 Smith
MAHONEY John mason h 425 Warwick
MAHONEY John motorman h 132 9th
MAHONEY John police h 222 44th
MAHONEY John sawyer h 621 Union
MAHONEY John stainer h 472 sackett
MAHONEY John stevedore h 41 Columbia pl
MAHONEY John D. restaurant h 81 39th
MAHONEY John E. canvasser h 96 Bedford av
MAHONEY John F. bookpr. h 220 Jay
MAHONEY John J. clk. h 222 44th
MAHONEY John J. machinist h 565 Graham av
MAHONEY John P. carp'r 375 Court
MAHONEY John T. engineer h 160 Johnson
MAHONEY Jos. h 377 S 4th
MAHONEY Josephine dressmkr. h 183 Skillman
MAHONEY Marg't wid. Jas. h 378 Hicks
MAHONEY Mark cementer h 370 Warren
MAHONEY Mary wid. Dan'l h 487 6th av
MAHONEY Mary wid. Jeremiah h 221 5th av
MAHONEY Mary wid. Mich'l h 83 Cranberrry
MAHONEY Mary A. wid. John. F. h 444 Deqraw
MAHONEY Mich'l clk. h 539 Waverly av
MAHONEY Mich'l engineer h 54 Cumberland
MAHONEY Mich'l lab. h 328 G'point av
MAHONEY Morris engineer h 452 Hicks
MAHONEY Patrick carp'r h 530 Driggs av
MAHONEY Patrick carp'r h 101 38th
MAHONEY Patrick clk. h 243 Court
MAHONEY Patrick conductor 501 Graham av
MAHONEY Patrick conductor h 597 16th
MAHONEY Patrick lab. h 53 Bridge
MAHONEY Patrick liquors h 148 5th av
MAHONEY Patrick stonefinisher h 565 4th av
MAHONEY Patrick J. motorman h 507 M'htan av
MAHONEY Paul clk. h 101 3d
MAHONEY Peter lawyer h 101 3d MAHONEY Peter P. (estate)liquors 117 Union
MAHONEY Robt. lab. h 17 Oakland
MAHONEY Stephen conductor h 154 McDougal
MAHONEY Thos. boatbldr h E 92d n Av M
MAHONEY Thos. driver h 684 Henry
MAHONEY Thos. lab. h 2141 Fulton
MAHONEY Thos. porter h 1492 Bergen
MAHONEY Thos. F. steamfitter h 95 Bergen
MAHONEY Thos. J. foreman h 76 Dupont
MAHONEY Timothy h 122 Franklin av
MAHONEY Timothy bricklayer 134 12th
MAHONEY Timothy carp'r h 13th n Av X
MAHONEY Timothy lab. h 424 Columbia
MAHONEY Timothy lab. h 1830 Fulton
MAHONEY Timothy W. seaman h 44 Green la
MAHONEY Wm. clk. h 63 Sands
MAHONEY Wm. F. cutter h 275 Euclid av
MAHONEY Wm. F. painter h 770 Bergen
MAHONEY Bros. liquors 148 5th av
MAHONEY Wine Co. 117 Union
MAHONY Cornelius lab. h 2226 Fulton
MAHONY Dan'l carp'r h 211 India
MAHONY David clk. h 443 Gold
MAHONY Eugene P. Eugene P. (Rev.) h 915 Putnam
MAHONEY Francis-MAHONEY Wm. W. (after MAHONY) are probably all MAHONY's
MAHONEY Francis driver h 28 State
MAHONEY Frank h 81 Dupont
MAHONEY Jas. ironwkr. h 416 Kosc'ko
MAHONEY John J. reporter h 416 Kosc'ko
MAHONEY Joshua B. shipwright h 17 Oakland
MAHONEY Mary wid. Wm. h 801 3d av
MAHONEY Mary J. wid.Jas. h 88 Woodhull
MAHONEY Mich'l. painter 124 Leonard N.Y. h 164 Dumeld
MAHONEY Patrick mgr. 6 Barclay N.Y. h 44 5 9th.
MAHONEY Peter lawyer h 101 S 3d
MAHONEY Philip compositor h 196 Cooper
MAHONEY Rich'd lab. h r 13 Coles
MAHONEY Rich'd. penmkr. h 28 State
MAHONEY Rich'd. police h 250 48th.
MAHONEY Thos. painter h 164 Duffield
MAHONEY Wm. lab. h 106 Scholes
MAHONEY Wm. W. lab. h 801 3d av