Surname Saturday – Little Clan – Belfast

"The majority of Littles, Lytles and Lyttles in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand have their family roots deep in the old West March of the Scottish Border." ~ Clan Little Society North America Motto: Concedo Nulli (No surrender, no retreat, yield no ground). Our connection to the surname Little, comes from our great-great-grandmother, Ellen … Continue reading Surname Saturday – Little Clan – Belfast

Surname Saturday – Wasik Family

Surname Saturday looks at the history behind our family names. "Wasik Name Meaning. Polish (Wasik): descriptive nickname from a diminutive of was ‘moustache’ (see Was).Polish and Ukrainian: from a pet form of the personal name Wasyl, Polish form of Greek Basileios (see Basil). Eastern German: nickname from Sorbian wasik ‘crawler’" [Source:]. There are two … Continue reading Surname Saturday – Wasik Family