The Horn family emigrated from Hesse-Darmstadt in the Bundesland (federal state) of Hesse in Germany, which is located in the southern part of the Rhine Main Area. LDS microfilm archives

John Horn (1796 – 1870) was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany to Heinrich Jozef von Horn. According to his immigration papers, John came directly to Maryland where he established a farm in Jarrettsville, Marshall District. Three sons and his wife Elizabeth Treusch (1784-1849) most likely followed him once he had a place for them to live. The sons were William (1820-1880), Adam (1823-1885), and Henry Joseph (1831-1917). 

Arriving at the Port of Baltimore from Germany on September 30, 1834 was a Horn family.   I don’t know if this is the same Horn family, but it is the same year noted in the naturalization papers.

T. Horn, 46, M. Farmer
John Horn, 24, male, Farmer
H. Horn, 28, male, clerk
C.H. Horn, 9, male
C.H. Horn, 11, male

John Horn was naturalized twelve years later on September 5, 1846 at the courthouse in nearby Bel Air, Maryland. [Source: John Horn Naturalization papers, copy in possession of Ingram family.]

On April 7, 1849 John Horn signed a deed for a 48 acre piece of property, known as “Plaine’s and Bell’s Habitation” over to Adam Horn for $600. On June 13 of the same year, Adam Horn and his wife Charlotte deeded 3/4 of an acre over to the church trustees, Jacob Gross and John Gross) of the Evangelical Association for $5.00. The stated purpose was to build a church on it. More about the lives of these early German settlers in Jarrettsville can be found in Forgotten Churches, The Evangelical Association in Harford County, MD. pages 24-37. www.lycoming.edu/umarch/chronicles/2001/4.%20Salem%20Church.pdf

According to the same source, Henry and Ellen Horn (she was the daughter of aforementioned trustee Jacob Gross and his wife Catherine Burger) also deeded land on April 18, 1865 for the church parsonage. However, the land they deeded to the church was ultimately not used for that purpose. The parsonage was later built on another piece of land. In 1877, the land that Henry & Ellen Horn had signed over was sold by the church to a private individual with first option to Henry Horn if the new owner ever wanted to sell it. 

The census records prior to 1850 only list head of household. But from 1850 on they include the family members and anyone else lodging in the household. 

1850 Federal Census. Harford County, MD. census house #907. 
John Horn, b. 1795 Germany, age 55. 
Adam Horn (b. 1824).
Charlotte Horn (b. 1824).
Henry Horn (b. 1847).
John Horn (b. 1849).

1860 Federal Census, Marshall District of Harford County, MD, Post Office: Jarrettsville, census house #1557 
John Horn, 65, m, Laborer, born Hesse-Darmstadt.
Henry Elias, 28, m, carpenter, value of Real Estate $150, personal property $50, born Prussia.
Matilda Elias, 24, f, born Prussia. 
Charles Elias, age ?, m, born Maryland .
Mary Elias, 22, f. born Prussia. 

John Horn died on 14 November 1870 and is buried in Salem Evangelical Church Cemetery, Jarrettsville, MD.  Also buried in the same cemetery is his wife Elizabeth Horn (neé Treusch) who died on 1 February 1849. .

Photo source: Find A Grave

Children of John Horn and his wife Elizabeth Treusch born in Hesse-Darmstadt who emigrated with them to Jarrettsville, Harford County, Maryland.

William Horn
(1820 – 1879)

William Horn was born 29 March 1820.

Some time prior to 1850 William Horn had married Margaret (surname unknown) and the couple were living in Harford County (household #708.). His occupation is laborer. No children.

In the 1860 census they own a farm and his occupation is laborer.

In 1880 William Horn was living at the home of Henry Joseph Horn at 76 Aisquith Street, Baltimore City. William is identifed as Henry’s brother,  a widower, age 56, born Germany, no occupation. The record noted he is sick with rheumatism. 

William and Margaret Horn are buried in the Salem Cemetery, Jarrettsville, MD.  Margaret’s stone says wife of Wm. Horn, born October 1825 and died 25 June 1877. 

The headstone states William was born 29 March 1820 and died 1 May 1895. Maybe it was erected at a later date and no one was quite sure, since the 1880 Census Mortality Schedule shows him as having died in 1880.

Adam Horn 
(1823 – 1885)

Adam Horn was born 17 May 1823. 

Adam Horn married Charlotte Lemsermire, who was born 11 November, 1821 in Hanover Hesse (Germany). Her parents were from Prussia.

​Adam Horn is enumerated in the 1850 in Jarrettsville, Harford County, Maryland. His occupation is stone cutter. His wife, Charlotte, and two sons, Henry (age 3) and John (age 1) are listed along with his father John Horn (age 55, laborer).  The value of Adam Horn’s real estate is $500. 

The 1860 census shows the family still living in Jarrettsville, Maryland. Adam is 40, a farmer, value of his real estate is $150 and personal property $50. His wife Charlotte is 37. Her birth place is noted as Hanover,  Germany. At this time they have five living children, all born in Maryland; Henry Horn age 14, William Horn age 7, Jeremiah Horn age 5, Mary E. Horn age 2, and Charlotte Horn age one month. 

In July of 1863, both Adam (then 40) and his brother Henry (age 35) were required to register for the draft for the U. S. Civil War. They were both farmers, born in Germany.

In the 1880 Federal Census, they are still on the farm in Jarrettsville. Adam is 57 years old. His birth place is Hesse-Darmstadt as was his parents. With him are his wife, Charlotte Horn (now age 57) who is keeping house. Charlotte is described as being born in Hanover, parents born in Prussia.  The children listed were all single, born in Maryland. They are William Horn age 27 works as a blacksmith. Jeremiah Horn is 24 and is a farmer. The next four do not have any stated occupation. Mary Ellen Horn is 22.  Laura E. Horn is 19. Phillafina S. Horn is 17, and Adam Horn is just 15. 

Charlotte Horn is enumerated in the 1900 census. She is listed as a widow, age 77. She is living in Bel Air, Maryland with her daughter Laura E (age 39) and a son-in-law Adam R. Stiltz (age 50) and her grandson Harrold Stiltz (age 10).

Charlotte died 26 August 1900 and is buried in Salem, Jarrettsville, MD with her husband Adam Horn who died in May 1885. 

Some of their children are buried in the same cemetery; these include Henry J. Horn (1847-1918), John W. Horn (1849-1855), Adam Horn (1851-1855), and Mary Ellen Horn Almony (1857-1920).

Henry Joseph Horn

Henry Joseph Horn was born May 20, 1830. According to Horn family lore, Henry “came to America with his father John Horn when he was about 4 years old in 1834” through the Port of Baltimore. 

In the 1850 census, Henry is single and a farmer.  Later that year, on November 30, 1850, he married Ellen Gross in Baltimore, MD. She was the daughter of Jacob Gross (1776-1842) and his wife Catherine Burger (1793-1860. Her parents were born in Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Henry Joseph Horn and his wife Ellen Gross had 4 children, namely George E. Horn, John Henry Horn, Mary L.Horn, and Katherine V. Horn.

In the 1860 Federal Census Henry H. Horn, age 31, is living in  Jarrettsville, Harford County, MD. His occupation is farmer and the value of his real estate is $3,000, personal property $500. He states he was born Hesse-Darmstadt. Living with him were his wife Ellen Horn, age 29 born Maryland, and children (all born in MD) George Horn age 8, John Horn age 6, Mary Horn age 4, and Catherine Horn age 1. Also living with them were Andrew Emrich, 19, farmer, born Hesse Darmstadt and Ellen’s mother Catherine Gross, 66 born in France.

Henry Horn’s USA naturalization dated 28 October 1861 state he immigrated in 1834 through the Port of Baltimore, MD. [Source: Index to Naturalization Petitions to the US., Circuit and District Courts for Maryland 1797-1951, Hol-Kerr. M1168, Roll 8, Cabinet 37/10.]

In the 1880 Federal Census the family was living at 76 Aisquith Street, City of Baltimore, MD. Henry J. Horn, age 50, is now working as an Oyster Packer. They still had the farm in Jarrettsville. Living with him in Baltimore were his wife Ellen Horn, 47, daughters Mary L. Horn, 22 and Kate V. Horn, 20, grand-daughter
Ella V. Horn, 4, and brother William Horn, age 56.

On June 13, 1885, about 6 weeks after his brother Adam Horn died, Henry J. Horn applied for a U.S. Passport to travel to Hesse. His address was No. 61 Aisquith Street, City of Baltimore, MD. He was issued Passport Number 2194. In this document, dated 12 June 1885, Henry J. Horn declared he was born on the 20th day of May, 1830 in the City of Hesse-Darmstadt and that he was a naturalized citizen of the USA. His naturalization papers accompanied his application. He was described as age 55, height 5 feet, 5-1/2 inches, prominent forehead, blue eyes, regular nose, medium size mouth, regular chin, silver grey hair, fair complexion and regular face. The Notary Public asked in a letter that accompanied the application if the passport could be provided to the applicant no later than the next Monday as Henry was to leave on his trip on Tuesday. As June 12th was a Friday, the ship would have sailed out of Baltimore harbor on June 16th.

By the 1900 Federal Census, Henry and Ellen Horn are living at 624 East Eager St., Baltimore City, MD.

William Weigner, head of household born June 1847 in MD, age 52, married 12 years, parents born Germany, Shipping Clerk. Mary E. Weigner, wife, b. April 1857, age 43, no children, born MD, father born Germany, mother born MD
Henry J. Horn, father-in-law, born May 1830, age 70, married 44 years, Naturalized 1832, 68 years in USA., not employed.
Ellen Horn, mother-in-law, born April 1834, age 66, married 44 years, 8 children born, 3 living, b. MD, parents born Germany (Alsace-Lorraine is sometimes part of France and other times of Germany).

In the 1910 Federal Census, Henry and Ellen are still living with the Weigners but they have moved to the 2400 Block, 2413 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD.

William Weigner, 59, married 24 years, clerk, grocery, worker
Mary E. Weigner, 54, wife, grocer owner
George Weigner, 57, brother, butcher, grocer
Henry J. Horn, 80, father-in-law, married 60 years, 
Ellen Horn, 77, mother-in-law, 4 children born – 4 living
Gertrude Heyn, 18 niece, single, born MD.

Henry J. Horn died 15 March 1917 in Baltimore City, MD. His wife Ellen died the prior year on the 4th of May. Ellen was born April 8, 1832 in Jarrettsville, MD. She died May 4, 1916 in Baltimore City, MD

Henry died March 15, 1917 in Baltimore City, MD. [Source: Health Department – City of Baltimore, MD. death record #3360, age 85 years 9 months 23 days.]