Mátyás Szántó (1889 – 1962)

Mátyás Szántó was born in Pétervására, Heves County, Hungary on July 18, 1889 to Johanna Ivády and her husband István Szántó. He left family and home forever in January 1909. What did he leave behind? And where was he going?

From all accounts, the Szántó family had lived in this region for hundreds of years. The family appears to have been well ensconced. Mátyás told his children that his father István was a magistrate. And yet, the draw of a new life in America pulled Mátyás and many of his friends, most around the same age, to leave Pétervására.

The Szántó family’s ancestral village: Pétervására, Heves, Hungary

The online photos of the locale portray a really lovely area of Hungary. Pétervására is a district made up of about 20 smaller districts located in the Tarna Valley, near the Mátra mountains. This area is in the north western part of Hungary. The city of Budapest is 75 miles from Pétervására. A visitor can rent a car or hire a car service and be there in around one and a half hour.  There is a direct train route with daily service between Budapest-Keleti and Eger, a town about 20 miles from Pétervására. The train journey takes a little under 3 hours. The young men from Pétervására probably took the train to Budapest and then on to the port of Fiume, which is now called by its Croatian name, Rijeka.

Town view of Pétervására. Source: Google Maps

Keglevich Castle

The most imposing building in Pétervására is the Keglevich Castle. “The U-shaped, two-storey baroque castle with a mansard roof was built in 1760 for Gábor Keglevich.” (source: Wikivoyage). This was the home of the Keglevich family for more than 200 years.

Another beautiful building in town is the local Catholic church. Along side of it is the church cemetery.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin.

Pétervásár Roman Catholic church. “Built for Charles Keglevich in 1812-17. It was one of Hungary first romantic style, neo-Gothic buildings. In the lower church there is the crypt of the Keglevichs, which was walled in 1980 after the death of the last descendant”. 

Source: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Pétervására accessed 8 May 2023.

Szántò family church & civil records from Pétervására, Heves County, Hungary

Hungarian family baptisms, marriages, and deaths can be found in the Roman Catholic Church record books from as early as 1624, thanks to FamilySearch.org, which has digitized the previously microfilmed records. In 1895, civil registration began in Hungary. From that time period on, most of the online database records only include the civil records. Church records were undoubtably kept as well, but with the exception of one collection, “Hungary, Church Books, 1624-1950” any search for church records would require contacting the parish and/or hiring a local researcher.

Ancestry.com does have index records, but not the actual images. When searching for the Szántó family records, they did not initially show up on Ancestry.com. However, on FamilySearch.com, not only were the index records available online, the actual images are available too. The actual church records provide the most accurate information.

In addition to the principal parties, the parents and godparents names are also included in the actual records. These additional names, are vital to determining if the record is the right one, especially in locales where many people share the same name. Later events, i.e., names & dates for subsequent marriages and deaths, were also noted on the baptism records.

The record collections on FamilySearch.org include:

Hungary Baptisms, 1734-1895. (13,974)
Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980. (449,000)
Hungary Reformed Church Christenings, 1624-1895. (54,187)
Hungary, Catholic Church Records, 1636-1895. (1,101,174)
Hungary, Church Books, 1624-1950. (409,209)

Additionally, FamilySearch.org includes a subset of cemetery records for people from this region.

BillionGraves Index. 305
Find A Grave Index. 5,981

Pétervására Cemeteries

The oldest graveyard in Pétervására is at the Catholic Church yard. Photo: St. Martin’s Catholic Church Cemetery in Pétervására, Pétervásárai járás, Heves, Hungary Photo credit “Find a Grave”.  Accessed May 4, 2023. 

Other local cemeteries where the family might be buried include:
Old Cemetery of Mátraderecske. Located at Mátraderecske, Pétervásárai járás, Heves, Hungary. No photo available. 

Fedémes Cemetery. Fedémes, Pétervásárai járás, Heves, Hungary (photo below).

Szántó Family Church and Civil Records

Mátyás Szántó

The subject of this research, Mátyás Szántó, was second child born to István Szántó and Johanka Ivády. It seems his actual date of birth was 18 July 1889 not 18 August 1890. His parents were living at House #88. His baptism took place on the 20th of July.

His baptism sponsors were Borbála Végh (daughter of Gergely Végh and Térezia Kovács) and her husband Andras Molnár (son of József Molnár and Erzebet Almádi). The role of godparent in Hungary at the time was an important one. The same godparents were often sponsors to all of the couple’s children. Unfortunately Borbála died at the age of 30 in 1900. Because the civil records do not include the baptism sponsors’ names. The names of the godparents are not included on the civil registration records.

Parents: István (kis) Szántó and Johanna Ivády

Matyas’ father, István Szántó, was born on 18 Aug 1863. So far, no evidence has shown that any other children were born to István (kis) Szántó and Johanna Ivády, so István may have been an only child.

Born 18 August 1863 István Szánto was baptized 19 Aug 1863.

On 14 Feb 1887 István Szántó, age 24, married Johanka Ivády, age 17. These were typical ages for a young couple to marry and start their own family.

Marriage between István Szántó and Johanka Ivády 14 Feb 1887.

Johanka (aka Johanna) Ivády was born 28 Oct 1870 in Pétervására. She was the daughter of Kazmér Ivády (ca. 1845-?) who was the son of Antal Ivády. Her mother was also named Johanka Ivády (ca. 1846-?). She was the daughter of Janos Ivády. More research can be done on Johanna’s family, but the issue of many people having the same names complicates matters.

This is the Coat of Arms for the village of Ivád (source: Wikipedia) and a blurry photo of part of the village area (Source: Wikidata). According to an article published on Reuters, the village, which in 2007 was selling its street names to raise money for the town, had around 400 people in 2007, most of whom are related to each other. The mayor, when the article was written, was also an Ivády.

Given that Johanna’s parents’ surnames were both Ivády, it was interesting to read that the village of Ivád, so close in proximity to Pétervására, had in 1939 about two-thirds of its population belonging to the Ivády family. Estimates are that the family had been living there by that time for at least 250 years. In more recent years, a genetic study has been made of the Ivád population, due to its isolation for such a long period of time from other groups of people.

Szántó Siblings

István and Johanka had a very large family. As the oldest living child of theirs, Mátyás may have decided that leaving Pétervására to seek his fortune in America was his best option. At the time he left, his father was 46 and his mother 41. Mátyás’ youngest sibling, János, was 1 year old, and Mátyás’s sister Fanni, next oldest at 16, was most likely engaged as she got married the next year. Whilte the family story is that there were eleven children, only ten showed up in the online records. Following is a table of the information found in the church and civil records for the children of István and Johanka Szántó.

Table I: Ten children of István Szántó and Johanna Ivády born in Pétervására, Heves, Hungary.

Children’s names (first, last)Birth Marriage & Death DatesDocument & any notations on the record 
József Szántób. 19 Nov 1887
d. 20 Nov 1887
Baptism date: 20 Nov 1887. House #190
Male. Died age 1 day 
Mátyás Szántób. 18 Jul 1889
m. 21 Oct 1922
d. 1 May 1962
Baptism date: 20 Jul 1889. House #88.Male. Died at age 71, Flemington, NJ
Ágoston Szántób. 8 Oct 1891
d. 22 Apr 1892
Baptism date: 10 Oct 1891. House #159Male.  Died age 5 months 
Fanni Szántób. 24 Feb 1893
m. 6 Jun 1910
d. ?
Baptism date: 25 Feb 1893. House #161Female. 
Husband’s name is not legible. 
Margit Szántób. 19 Oct 1894
m. 24 Apr 1911
d. 4 Aug 1965
Baptism date: 20 Oct 1894. House #161Female. Husband is Simonné (Simon) Szabó .
Kázmér Szántób. 28 Aug 1896Civil registration record
Anna Szántób. 18 Jan 1898Civil registration record
Ágoston Szántób. 25 Aug 1902Civil Registration record
Antal Szántób. 21 Feb 1904
d. 28 Jan 1960
Civil registration record dated 22 Feb 1904. 
Female. Father István (kis) Szántó age 40. Mother Johanna Ivády age 34.
János Szántób. 15 Mar 1908
d. 30 Apr 1953
Civil registration record dated 5 May 1908. 
Male. Father’s age 45, mother’s age 40. Died 30 April 1953. Widow’s name is Melánie. 

Grandparents: József (kis) Szántó and Anna Molnár

József (kis) Szántó, was born around 1828. He married Anna Molnár (ca. 1840-1902). They were married on 10 Nov 1862. Anna was the daughter of Mátyás Molnár and Anna Toth. Records for at least 5 of Anna’s siblings have been located but are not included here. Further research could provide more information on this generation, but that could take some time.

Marriage (10 November 1862) between József (kis) Szántó and Anna Molnár.

The civil death record states that József (kis) Szántó was age 67 and living at House #158 when he died on 6 Jan 1895.

Great-Grandparents: József Szántó and Zsuzsanna Bocsi

Mátyás’ great-grandparents, József Szántó and Zsuzsanna Bocsi were born around 1800, in Pétervására. His age was noted as being 66 at his death on 2 May 1869. Luckily, József’s death record mentioned that his wife’s name was Zsuzzanna Bocsi, which was very helpful in finding right Szántó family.

Baptism records for three children were found, and there may be more found in future searches of the records. The three children identified were József (kis) Szántó (ca. 1828-1895), Erzsebet Szántó (1832-1896), and Maria Szántó (1848-?). Interestingly, Erzsebet married a Mátyás Simon on 8 Nov 1854. It is possible, but not certain, that this was the same family of the Simon brother’s who emigrated to Flemington, NJ. (Note: kis means little or small in Hungarian. The son was probably called this to differentiate between the father and son and the nickname stuck).

Death of József Szántó 2 May 1869. Husband of Zsuzsanna Bocsi.

Additional Hungarian church & civil records and images, for the Szántó and Báko family can be viewed on the private Szanto – Bako Family Tree on Ancestry.com (owner: Genealogy_Sister1) by using the embedded link in the tree name.

The Journey to America

By the beginning of 1909 Mátyás Szántó had made a decision to leave Hungary. This was a good decision because on July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, starting World War I. The United States signed separate peace treaties with Germany, Austria, and Hungary on August 24-29, 1921. It’s impossible to understand what the family in Pétervására experienced in WWI (or WWII for that matter), but it makes one wonder what would have happened to Matyas if he had remained in Hungary.

Fortunately for him and future generations, Matyas sailed to America on the S. S. Caronia (Cunard Line) leaving from the port of Fiume. (Fiume is called “Rijeka” in Croatian. Fiume was at the time prior to WWI one of two free ports in the Austrian-Hungarian empire. It later was absorbed by Italy and is now a part of Croatia.)

S. S. Caronia launched 13 July 1904

“The Kingdom of Hungary, which administered the city during that period, favoured the Hungarian element in the city and encouraged immigration from all lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city became a melting pot encompassing most of the main ethnicities and cultures in empire, being also a main departure port for emigration to the New World.”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiume_question Accessed on 8 May 2023.

Leaving Fiume on January 30th, he arrived at Ellis Island, New York City on February 15, 1909. Matyas Szanto was listed in the passenger record as a Magyar, single, 5’ 8” tall, blue eyes, brown hair. He said he was 20 years old. His last place of residence had been Petervasai**, Heves, Hungary, where his next of kin was his father István Szántó. He was traveling to Flemington, NJ and was going to his Uncle Agoston Fabian. Matyas had $15.00 in his possession. Source: Ellis Island Passenger Records. ID # 101520060136. Frame 151. Line 21. 1909.

Matyas had friends and family already in Flemington and at least 10 friends who came with him on the voyage.

Table II:  Persons whose last residence was Petervasar/Petervasas/Petervasai sailing on the S. S. Caronia arriving at the Port of New York on Feb. 14, 1909. (Source: Ellis Island Passenger Records). 

Name (Last, First)ResidenceAgeBorn (est)Arrived
 András, Kálmán Petervasar, Hungary 30 1878-1879 Feb 14 1909
 Bacsi, Illés Petervasas, Hungary 17 1891-1892 Feb 14 1909
 Bocsi, Istvan Petervasai, Hungary 18 1890-1891 Feb 14 1909
 Fábián, Károly1 Petervasai, Hungary 18 1890-1891 Feb 14 1909
 Gál, István Petervasai, Hungary 18 1890-1891 Feb 14 1909
 Sály, Mátyás Petervasai, Hungary 32 1876-1877 Feb 14 1909
 Simon, István2 Petervasai, Hungary 26 1882-1883 Feb 14 1909
 Simon, Lajos3 Petervasai, Hungary 18 1890-1891 Feb 14 1909
 Szabó, Illés Petervasai, Hungary 17 1891-1892 Feb 14 1909
 Szántó, Mátyás Petervasai, Hungary 18 1890-1891 Feb 14 1909
 Tóth Seress, Sándor Petervasai, Hungary 30 1878-1879 Feb 14 1909

Notes on the passenger list indicate that the Fabians and Simons were cousins. Search in the vital records of Pétervására confirm this. The Szántó family was also connected to these two families, and possibly others in Flemington, by marriage. Bocsi, Fábián, Gál, Simon, Szabo, and Toth are names that appear in the vital records associated with the Szántó family in Pétervásái in one way or another. Of particular interest are these three individuals: 

1. Karoly Fabian, age 18, was going to his brother Gusti Fabian in Flemington, NJ. His father was Istvan Fabian, residence Pétervására. 
2. Istvan Simon, age 26,  was going to his cousin Gustav Fabian in Flemington, NJ. 
3. Lajos Simon, age 18,  is going to his brother, Albert Simon in Flemington, NJ. Father’s name is Istvan Simon. 

Chronological history for Matyas Szanto from 1910 – 1962


A year after his arrival in America, Matyas was enumerated in the 1910 US Federal Census. He was living on Brown Street, Flemington, West Raritan, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey where other Hungarian immigrants were also living. His name in the census index was misspelled as “Matoas” Szanto.

An interesting article, “A Bit of Hungary in the Shadow of a Flemington Foundry”, written by Marishka Bugyi Titus describes the efforts the Foran Foundry made to bring over skilled Molders from Hungary and describes the life they made in their new town. The article was originally published in The Democrat, Flemington, NJ Thursday, September 8, 1988

To see old photos of Flemington, including one of the Foran Foundry in the 1900s, check out http://westjerseyhistory.org/images/hunterdon/flemington/.

Following is a list of the renters of the house on Brown Street from the 1910 Census records. Many of their surnames will be familiar to the Santo family and friends.

1910 Federal Census. Occupants of the house on Brown Street, Flemington
— note all except Annie Fabian, were Magyar nationality, born in Hungary.

Guszti Fabian – Head of household, married 3 years, age 23, molder in foundry, arrived 1906, alien.
Susan Fabian – wife of Guszti Fabian, age 23, married 3 years, 1 child born & living, arrived in 1905, alien.
–Annie Fabian, daughter of Guszti Fabian, age 1, born New Jersey.
Charlie Fabian, brother of Guszti Fabian, age 20, single, laborer Cen. R.R., arrived 1909, alien.
Andrew Fabian, brother of Guszti Fabian, age 24, married 2 years, helper in foundry, arrived 1910, alien.
Guszti Toth (or Foth?), boarder, age 21, single, glass cutter in smolter (?), arrived 1907, alien.
Joseph Bouytos, boarder, age 23, single, laborer Cen. R.R., arrived 1906, alien.
Matoas Szanto, boarder, age 20, single, moulder in foundry, arrived 1909, alien.
Joseph Bocsi, boarder, age 49, married 25 years, laborer Penn R. R., arrived 1909, alien.
Charlie Bocsi, boarder, age 45, married 20 years, laborer Penn R. R., arrived 1909, alien.
Alex Gal, boarder, age 25, married 2 years, laborer in foundry, arrived 1909.
Balint Golomboli, boarder, age 43, married, laborer Cen R.R., arrived 1907, alien


The State of New Jersey conducted several 5 year censuses in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

In 1915, the New Jersey State Census index includes Maytas Szanto under the name “Mike Sato”. Mátyás was now living on Church Street, Flemington, NJ. The record indicates he could read and write and speak English. His birth date was noted as Jan 1890, a date he continued to use as his birthday. He was single, an Alien, and had been here 6 years. His occupation was “Molder”. The head of the household, which included 11 people, was Frank Musko, age 28, married (to Julia) a glass cutter who had been in the US 10 years.

Number 7 Church Street, where Mátyás Szántó lived in 1915 is not listed (inventory skips from #3 to #5) on the “National Register of Historic Places Inventory” and neither are any of the houses where his Hungarian friends lived on Railroad Avenue.

1915 New Jersey State Census 7 Church Street, Flemington, NJ.
—note all Magyar, born in Hungary unless otherwise noted,

Frank Musko, age 28, b.1887, married, in the US 10 years, Citizenship pending, Glass cutter.
Julia Musko, age 29, b.1886, married, housewife.
Julia Musko, age 7, b. Jan 1908 in New Jersey, attending Flemington Grade School.
Frank Musko Jr, age 6, b. Dec 1909 in New Jersey, attending Flemington Grade School.
Mike Sato (sic Szántó), age 25, b. Jan 1890, in the US 6 years, alien, molder.
Frank Foth, (sic Toth), age 34, b.Oct 1881, married, in the US 5 years, alien, molder.
Calman Koraz, age 39, born (?) 1876, married, in the US 5 years, alien, laborer.
Joseph Foth (sic Toth), age 32, b. May 1883, married, in the US 1 year, alien, molder.
Joseph Kosino (sic Kosmo), age 40, b. Sept 1875, married, in US year, alien, glass cutter.
Mike Foth, (sic Toth) age 42, b. Nov 1873, married, in US 1 year, alien, laborer
Joseph Komal, age 33, b, June 1882, in US 1 year, alien, laborer.


The World War I Draft Registration lists Matyas Szanto incorrectly as “Mike Souta”. He was living at 33 Brown Street, Flemington. He was 26 years old, born Aug 18 1890 in Petervasara, Hungary. He is still an alien and citizen of Hungary. His occupation was Moulder at Foran Foundry. He was single and had no dependents. He was described as being of medium height, medium weight, blue eyes and brown hair. He is not bald. He has suffered no dismemberment that would prevent him from serving in the military. He has never previously served in the military. Matyas was not called up to serve in World War I. Note: his signature appears at the bottom of the first page of the registration card.


The 1920 US Census online version appears to be incomplete for Flemington, NJ. Matyas Szanto does not appear in the index records. A page by page, line by line, search through the records for Flemington also did not produce a result. Quite a number of the scans were very difficult to read due to poor image quality. Thankfully, the WWI Draft Registration record is intact as it places Matayas on Brown Street around this time.


Mátyás Szántó met his future wife in the summer of 1922. He married Rosa Bakó on Oct 21, 1922 in Flemington, NJ at Saint Magdalen’s Roman Catholic Church. They had a Hungarian priest to marry them. Rosa was born on 19 Jan 1889* in Feher Gyrmat, Szatmar Megye, Hungary. Her parents were László Bakó (ca. 1845 -? ) and Terézia Szarka (ca. 1853 – ?) also of Feher Gyrmat, Szatmar Megye, Hungary. The couple were both 33 years old when they married. *Note: Rosa used the date 18 Jun 1894 as her birthday, but her baptism record and her stated age on her passenger record do not agree with this date. Rosa is the subject of another family research report. A separate report for Rosa Bakó and her family is currently in the research stage. (link to be added).


The couple’s first child, Stephen L. Santo, was born on Jul 30, 1924 in Flemington, NJ. While he is not the subject of this research report, a brief bio is included on a separate page.


Their second child, Michael Lawrence Santo, was born on Apr 17, 1926 in Flemington, NJ. While he is not the subject of this research report, a brief bio is included on a separate page.

Both of their sons used a more “American” version of the Szántó name.


In the 1930 Mike and Rosa were living in a two family home at 15 Brown Street. Flemington, NJ. Click on the link for the street view on Google Maps.

Note: An inventory of Brown Street is available on pages 78-79 of the National Register of Historic Places Inventory – Nomination Form. Number 15 Brown Street is identified as “a 2-story, 3-bay, mid-19th Century, Italianate, frame structure with a cross-gable roof ornamented with brackets, a bay window, arched front entrance, and a 4-bay, front porch with turned supports.

1930 US Federal Census – 15-1/2 Brown Street, Flemington, NJ

Michael Santo, head, age 39, married, home rented value $16.00, no radio set, age at first marriage 32, Magyar, immigration year 1910, Naturalization status is “first papers”, laborer in foundry, not a veteran, able to speak English.
Rose Santo, wife, age 32, married at age 26, Magyar, immigration year 1910, Naturalization status is alien. Able to speak English.
Stephen Santo, son, age 5, b. New Jersey, is not attending school.
Michael Santo, son, age 3-11/12, b. New Jersey, is not attending school.
Helen Molnar*, adopted daughter, age 12, born NJ, both parents born in Hungary, attending school

  • per the NJ, U.S, Birth Index, Helen Molnar was born Feb, 27, 1918 Hunterdon, New Jersey. She may have been a distant relative of Matyas Szanto, as his grandmother was a Molnar. Further investigation shows that both of her parents, Perose Hotel and Emery Molnar, Hungarian immigrants, had died (her mother in 1926 and her father in 1929). Helen was taken in by the Szanto family. Her two oldest brothers (Emery 18 and Frank 17) were boarding at 10 Capner Street. Her other two brothers, William 14 and Julius 11, were probably fostered out to other family members. Helen married Frank Horvath of Gary, West Virginia. The couple are buried at Saint Magdalens Cemetery in Flemington.


In the 1940 US Census, Mike and Rosa and their two sons are living at 22 Railroad Avenue, Flemington. He is a naturalized citizen, but she is not. Their rent was $15.00 a month. The record shows he finished 6th grade. He worked as a molder in the foundry 12 weeks in 1939 and his income was $308. 

1940 US Federal Census – 22 Railroad Ave., Flemington, NJ

Michael Santo, head, age 49, molder in foundry, Naturalized citizen. Monthly rental $15.00. finished 6th grade. Worked 12 weeks in 1939. Income $308.00
Rose Santo,
 wife, age 43, Alien, finished 6th grade, no occupation
Steve Santo, son, age 15, finished 2nd year high school, no occupation 
Mike Santo, son, age 13, finished 1st year high school, no occupation


WWI Draft registration (April 25, 1942)

Ancestry Catalog database (accessed 20 Apr 2023) World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 for Michael Szento (Sic).
The name on his record is corrected as Szántó but indexed under Szento). Serial Number U 1002. Location: Flemington, NJ. Age 51. Birth: Hungary on August 18, 1890. Name of the person who will always know where he lives: Leslie Mike of Flemington, NJ. Employer: Lebanon Extel Co., Lebanon, NJ. Race: White. Height: 5’ 6”. Weight: 178 lbs. Grey eyes. Brown hair, dark complexion. No identifying marks on his body. Local Board No. 2., Armory in Flemington. Dated: April 25, 1942.


By the time the 1950 US Census was taken both of their sons are out of the house. His occupation is now Watchman in the Pottery Industry. He worked 49 hours in the week before the census was taken.

1950 US Federal Census – 22 Railroad Ave., Flemington, NJ

Michael Santo, head, age 50, Watchman, Pottery Industry. He worked 49 hours in the week before the census was taken.
Rose Santo, wife, age 56, keeping house 


Rosa Szántó née Bakó died May 20, 1957 in Flemington, NJ. She is buried with her husband at St. Magdelen’s Catholic Cemetery. 


Mátyás Szántó died May 1, 1962 at the Hunterdon Medical Center

New Jersey Death Certificate: date 1 May 1962, Flemington, NJ. State File #23747 (if no one in the family has his death certificate one can be obtained online from the State for a small fee.)

Obituary for Mátyás “Mike” Sántó.
Published on the Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home website.

“Matyas “Mike” Szanto, age 71 years, of Flemington, NJ died on May 1, 1962 in the Hunterdon Medical Center, Raritan Township, NJ. 
He was born on August 18, 1890 in Hungary.
Mr. Szanto was formerly employed by Stangl Pottery in Flemington. 
Mike was predeceased by his wife, Rosa (Bako) Szanto, who died in 1957. 
Interment in Saint Magdalen Cemetery, 94 North Main Street, Flemington, NJ.” 

Burial: Saint Magdalen Cemetery, Flemington, NJ 

Find-a-Grave record. https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Szanto&GSiman=1&GScid=229248&GRid=111083543&

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