Joseph Doran and Susan Maginnis of Belfast, Northern Ireland

What’s of particular interest to us about this Joseph Doran, of Belfast Ireland, is that he was a hackle-maker and a hackle-setter. Several of our Doran male ancestors were Hacklers in the linen trade. Is he one of ours? Hopefully more Doran male descendants from the Belfast area will take a Y-DNA test on My Family Tree DNA and we can get some matches to help sort out all of the Dorans of Belfast, including this one. 

Church Baptism Record for Joseph Doran
Date of Birth:  18 Feb 1849:  Date of Baptism:  26 Feb 1849
Parish:  St. Mathew’s, Belfast (in Ballymacarrett)
County:  Co. Down
Denomination:  Roman Catholic
Gender:  Male
Father:  Patrick Doran
Mother: [blank]
Sponsor 1:  Patrick Doran
Sponsor 2:  Alice Doran
Source: Ulster Historical Foundation (Antrim & Down)
Record accessed:  10/7/2015

Church Marriage Record for Joseph Doran
Date of Marriage:  19 Nov 1877
Parish / District:  Belfast
County:  Co. Antrim
Husband Name:  Joseph Doran
Address:  63 McDonnell St.
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Occupation:  HACKLE MAKER
Age:  28
Status:  Bachelor (Previously unmarried)
Husband’s Father:  Patrick Doran; Occupation:  LABOURER

Wife Name:  Susan Magennis
Address:  37 McDonnell St.
Denomination:  Roman Catholic
Occupation:  MACHINIST
Age:  24
Status:  Spinster (Previously unmarried)
Wife’s Father:  Charles Magennis; Occupation:  SHIP CARPENTER
Wife’s Mother: [blank]
Witness 2:  Ellen Hart
Notes: Church:  Belfast Roman Catholic
Source: Ulster Historical Foundation (Antrim & Down)

Their children
Church Baptism Record for Mary Doran
born 05 March 1878 and baptized 06 March 1878, at St. Peter’s RC Church, Belfast, County Antrim.
Address;  63 McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan McGuiness
Sponsor 1. – Bridget Doran

Church Baptism Record for Patrick Doran, born 12 August 1879, and baptized 16 August 1879, at St. Peter’s.
Address: 62 McDonnell Street
Father: Joseph Doran
Mother: Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. – Patrick Skillinder
Sponsor 2. – Mary McCarrol
His Civil Birth Record lists his name as Patrick Charles Doran.

Church Baptism Record for Margaret Anne (sic) Dorrian, born 02 July 1881, and baptized 03 July 1881, at St. Peter’s.
Address: McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. – Robert McVeigh
Sponsor 2. – Mary McArdle
Civil Birth Record 

Civil Birth Registration for Margaret Ann (sic) Dorrian 
born 07 July 1881 and registration date: 23 July 1881
Address;  61 McDonnell Street
Father; Joseph Dorrian (sic) – Occupation: Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan McGinnis
Sponsor 1. – Mary Magee

Church Baptism Record for Joseph Doran
born 02 June 1883, and baptized on 05 June 1883, at St. Peter’s.
Address:  63 McDonnell Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susan Magennis
Sponsor 1. – Elizabeth Collins

Civil Birth Record for Catherine Doran
born 12 May 1885, and registration date 23 May 1885
Address:  24 Osman Street; Parish/District: Urban 4 Civil, Belfast.
Father:  Joseph Doran; Occupation:  Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan Maginnis
Sponsor 1. – Bridget Curran

Church Baptism Record for Susanna Doran
born 22 June 1888, baptized on 24 June 1888, at St. Peter’s
Address:  16 Milan Street
Father:  Joseph Doran
Mother:  Susann Maginnis
Sponsor 1. – Brigid Power

Civil Birth Record for Susan Doran
born 22 June 1888, and registration date 30 June 1888; parish/District: Urban 4 Civil, Belfast
14 Milan Street
Father: Joseph Doran – Occupation:  Hackle Setter
Mother:  Susan Maginnis
Sponsor 1. – Agnes Hamill

1901 Census
Joseph Doran
 lived at 8 Milan Street, Smithfield Ward, Belfast, at the time of the 1901 Irish Census. He was 51 in 1901, born in Belfast, and his wife Susan had pre-deceased him. He was a Hackle maker, Widower, Roman Catholic. His daughters Mary E. – 23, , Margaret – 19, and Kathleen – age 15 were living with him. The first two daughters worked as yarn reelers, and Kathleen was listed as the housekeeper. All born in Belfast.

In the 1911 Irish Census Joseph Doran, Hackle Maker, widower, was living at 21 Garnet Street, Falls Ward, born in Belfast. He would be about 61. Below his name his wife Susan’s name was listed and then crossed out. Living with him was his daughter, Margaret Ann Doran, age 28, single RC, Reeler, born County Down. Two boarders were living there with them: Anne and Alexander McConville, brother and sister. Anne was 25 and a flax spinner, and Alexander was 22, and had none for his occupation.