In memory of the Doran families from Belfast Ireland who lost loved ones in World War I

Biography #1

John Doran

John Doran, #25977, 1st Bn., Royal Irish Fusiliers. Died 27 September 1917. Photo credit: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

John Doran was the last child born to John Doran and his wife Ellen Little. He was born 26 September 1878 at 19 Nail Street, Belfast. He was baptized at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church. His baptismal sponsor was Brigitte McCann.

John Doran married Elizabeth Campbell

Doran was living at 11 Bloomer Street, Belfast, when she received official notification that her husband, John Doran, Pte. Royal Irish Fusilliers, was killed in action 27 Sep 1917. Source: Northern Whig, Wed., 17 Oct 1917. “The Rank and File”. #25977.

Three children were living at the time of his death. The oldest, John “Jack” Doran also served in WWI as well as in WWII.

Pvt J Doran #25977 was buried at Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery British Ext. Metz-en-Couture, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.
PLOT II. C. 19.
MEMORIAL ID 56406571

Biography #2

Arthur Patrick Doran

Arthur Patrick Doran was born to Patrick James Doran and Mary “Minnie” O’Hagan on 20 Feb 1884 in Belfast, Ireland. He had 9 siblings. Arthur married Sarah Hermon of Belfast in 1909. Two years later their only son Arthur James Doran was born.

Lance Corporal Doran served in the Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Battalion. He was killed in action on 27 August 1914.

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Biography #3

Michael Doran

Born to Michael Doran, a storekeeper, and his wife Grace O’Neill on 27 July 1882 at 6 Albert Place, Belfast.

Service #6587. Rank: Rifleman in the 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles. Michael Doran died 16 April 1915. He left behind a wife, Ellen and two daughters. Their address noted in his Last Will & Testatment was 32 Sultan Street, Belfast. In Memoriam: Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery, Belgium. For more information:

List of Doran WWI Casualties (1914-1917): born in or near Belfast, Ireland serving in the British Army.

Arthur P. Doran. (see above) Reg. # 7451. Royal Irish Rifles & Batt. Rank: Lance Corporal. Born Belfast, Co. Antrim. Died France 27 Aug 1914.

Bernard Doran. Reg. # 7228. Royal Irish Rifles, Rank: Rifleman, Born Shankill, Co. Antrim. Died France 18 Dec 1914.

Felix Doran. Reg. # 6667. Royal Irish Rifles & Batt. Rank: Rifleman. Born Mayobridge, Co. Down. Died France 7 Aug 1917.

Felix Doran. Reg. #G 18705. Royal Irish Fusiliers and Garrison Batt. Rank: Rifleman. Born Shankill, Co. Antrim. Died Salonica 29 Oct 1916.

Francis Doran. Reg. # 3284. 1st Royal Irish Rifles. Rank: Rifleman. Born Newry, Co. Down. Died France 10 March 1915.

Hugh Doran. Reg. # 4510. 7th Royal Irish Rifles. Rank: Rifleman. Born Newry, Co. Down. Died France 6 Aug 1916.

Hugh Doran. Reg. # 10332. Royal Irish Rifles. Rank: Rifleman. Born Shankill, Co. Antrim. Died 11 March 1915.

John Doran. Reg. #25977 (see above). Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Batt. Rank: Private. Born Belfast, Co. Antrim. Died France 27 Sep 1917.

John Philip Doran. Reg. # 10024. Royal Irish Fusiliers, 2nd Batt. Born Randalstown, Co. Antrim. Died at sea 7 Dec 1915.

Michael Doran. (see above) Reg. 6587. Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Batt. Rank: Rifleman. Born Shankill, Co. Antrim. Died 17 April 1915.

Michael Patrick Doran. Reg. # 4687. Connaught Rangers, 6th Batt., Rank: Lance-Corporal. Born Lower Mourne, Co. Down. Died France 16 Dec 1917.

Peter Doran. Reg. #43016. Royal Irish Fusiliers, 7/8th Batt. rank: Private. Born Kerry-crippen, Co. Armagh. Died France 16 Aug 1917.

To search for other Dorans from Ireland, Scotland, and England who were killed in World War I.

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And the WWI wounded

Many more Doran boys who served from Belfast and nearby towns were also seriously wounded. Here are photos of two of them. I don’t know if J. Doran of Sultan Street is a brother of Michael Doran (see above) who died on 16 April 1915.