Photograph of Week 2 – Harrison Chow Hounds

Copyright 2012 Genealogy Sisters

Chow Hounds was a bowling league that William Doran (1929-2004), belonged to in Harrison, New Jersey.  He’s the skinny one standing in the middle of the back row, looking like he didn’t get as much chow as his buddies.  Bowling was one of his passions.

Billy had a twin that died at birth, and he would always mention her so that she wouldn’t be forgotten.  Now that he is deceased, and his birth was more than 80 years ago, I’ll be able to order their birth records through the New Jersey Archives.  Maybe it will also give the cause of her death.  I like that he always felt such a deep connection to his twin.

The local bowling alley was right on the street that Billy lived on as a child, Hamilton Street, and was called Yaeger’s.  This was where many of the Doran boys had their first job.  The pin-boys were paid a few pennies per game to set the pins manually.  They worked late hours – often until the bowling alley closed for the night.   Sometimes they also received tips; especially from the leagues.

Billy was the best bowler of the family and he was known to have bowled perfect games.  He did this, although he had lost vision in one of his eyes from a bow and arrow incident as a child.  One of his brothers was the culprit, but Billy took the secret to his grave.  His five brothers also never ratted on the identity of the archer.   In genealogy we dig for facts, and also the answer to secrets, but sometimes a band of siblings have a bond so deep, that you have to simply accept their will.

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