Picture postcards (1919-1926) of the Horn children

This week’s photo log is a collection of picture postcards taken between 1919 and 1926 of the four children of Cornelia Heal Dakin and Harry Milton Horn, Sr. of Staten Island, NY. Embossed on the 1920 postcard is the photographer’s name and address: “Reilly, Port Richmond, SI”. The other postcards are unmarked.  The last four photos were clearly taken in front of the same window and the background in all six appear to be the same wall. I would imagine they were all taken at the same photography studio.

The photographs from 1924 and 1925 are missing. The gap in years interestingly enough creates two distinct groupings, the first set being the years 1919 through 1921 and the second set that of 1924 through 1926.

In the first set, the Horn children, Cornelia Katherine (Happy), Harry Milton (Bud), John Dakin (Dake), and Mildred Elizabeth (Millie), are attired similarly from year to year.  Bud starts out in a sailor suit and progresses to a formal suit and tie.  Dake wears sailor suits once he is out of toddler clothes. In all three Bud’s hair is brushed to one side, while Dake’s hair is cut in a Buster Brown style.  Happy’s hair is tied up in a big white bow, so popular at the time.  The dress she is wearing in 1920 is a bit too big for her and she wears it again in the following year, as does Millie. The three older children appear to be accustomed to formal photographs but Millie looks like she is ready to bolt the moment she can.

Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo
Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo
Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo

The second set of photographs span the years 1924 through 1926. In this set, the Horn children are beginning to look and act more like their grown-up selves. The boys wear three-piece suits and ties. The girls wear lovely dresses. Dake no longer sports the childish Buster Brown hair cut, his hair cut is now similar to Bud’s, although they continually part their hair on the opposite side of each other.  Hap’s hair has been cut fashionably short and Millie, the youngest, has her hair cut in the page-boy style.

Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo
Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo
Copyright 2012 Warren Westbo

The only hint I can see as to the time of year that these photo postcards were taken is on the 1920 postcard in which a hand written note on the back indicates the date, December, 1, 1920. So possibly these photo postcards were taken to send to family at the Christmas holidays, much like the family photo postcards that are sent out now in lieu of holiday cards.

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