Sympathy Card from Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Kotuch


Sophie and Adolph Kotuch sent this sympathy card to the Mirota family on the death of  Zofia Szczerba Mirota in 1953.  The card is simply signed Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Kotuch.  The card is so elegant. I’m really glad we managed not to throw it out in one of our random cleaning spells. Unfortunately we did throw out loads of other family memorabilia.

We’ve published this photograph of the Wasik family before.  Sophie is standing on the right between her Aunt Zofia and her brother Adam.

Copyright 2012 Genealogy Sisters
Copyright 2012 Genealogy Sisters

I had an opportunity to meet Sophie once at a family reunion. She was a lovely person and welcomed us warmly. My sister and I so enjoyed talking with Sophie and her sisters, brothers, and cousins. Sophie’s husband Adolph had died long before we reconnected with the Wasik family.  We do have a copy of a letter that Adolph wrote to Sophie’s cousin, Genevieve Mirota Lubas, shortly after Sophie’s father, Jan Wasik, died in 1934.  Adolph mentioned that Sophie had been quite ill for a month, which is why he, rather than Sophie, wrote the letter.  The letter was among the family memorabilia that one of our cousins hadn’t thrown out. He had no idea who the Kotuch’s were but saved the letter anyway since it was written to his mother.

How I wish we could find more family photographs and letters! Who knows what family history they would contain.  It’s so nice to be able to share what we have saved in this blog. We are always hoping someone else will find a little bit of their own family history in the process. If you do, we would love to hear from you.

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