Family Friends Friday – The Mermon family of Cherry Valley, PA

Frank & Anne Mermon, Cherry Valley, PA 10 June 1919
Frank & Anne Mermon and children, Cherry Valley, PA
10 June 1919. Copyright 2013

My sister and I had always wondered who the people in this photograph were. Although they didn’t look like anyone in our family, we kept the photo anyway. The family is dressed up in their good clothes and the pose is formal, yet was taken outdoors. The wind seems to be blowing the boys ties. Everyone looks so serious. This was just too interesting a photo to toss out.

We took a copy of this photo with us when we went to a Wasik family reunion.  All of our mother’s cousins looked at this photo and all agreed they weren’t Wasiks.  Later in the day a friend of the Wasik family started looking at our old photos and was stunned to see this one. She told us it was a photo of her parents and older brothers and sisters that was taken before she was born. She had never seen this family portrait. The photo was given to our grand-parents before they left Cherry Vally, PA to move East as a remembrance of the good friends, Frank and Anne Mermon, they were leaving behind. We in turn were able to give Frances a copy of this old photograph of her family.

The photograph was taken on 10 June 1919 in Cherry Valley, PA. Frances told us the names of everyone in the photograph. From left to right is Ignace, Frank (her father), Helen, Ed (standing behind Helen), Anne (her mother), baby Adelle in her arms, and Irene. 

Family Friends Friday is a daily blogging prompt suggested by John F.W. Goodwin of Remember When Genealogy.

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