Tombstone Tuesday – Lockard Family – Mount Rose Cemetery

Lockard tombstone taken by Benjamin and Maude Eisenberger Stewart in the 1930s.

This old photograph of the Lockard tombstone, located at Mount Rose Cemetery, York County, Pennsylvania, was taken in the early 1930s. It shows the final resting place of Washington Lockard; his wife –  Elizabeth Ann Remick Lockard (1841-1911); and their son, George W. Lockard (1873-1897).

Washington Lockard, or Lockhard, was a Private in the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry. He was drafted in Lancaster County, 20 July 1863 (just missing the Battle of Gettysburg), and was mustered out 16 January 1864. [Source: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers]. He was born in Lancaster County, PA, on 28 November 1835 to John and Rosannah Conklin Lockard. Washington and Elizabeth Lockard had six children: Annie – 1861; Alice – 1863; Horace – 1864; Ida Jane – 1866; Minerva – 1868; and George – 1873. His wife, Elizabeth, was also born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, December 1840, the daughter of Benjamin and Julia Ann Remick or Remich [maiden name unknown].

In June of 2000, I went searching for the Lockard tombstone with Evelyn (Washington and Elizabeth Lockard’s great-granddaughter), and my sister, Veronica. At that time Evelyn didn’t remember she had a picture of the tombstone tucked away in her old photo album. The office manager at the cemetery told us that although the newer part of the cemetery was very well documented with burial cards and with grave markers, the older section had not been surveyed. She wished us luck in our search, and so we set off thinking we were going to plod up and down many rows of hard to read tombstones. When we got to the old burial ground we decided to park under a pine tree to keep the car in the shade. As you can see in the photo below, some unseen hand brought us right next to the very tombstone we were searching for!

Evelyn searching out the window, looking right at her great-grandparents tombstone.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that an American flag had been placed by Washington’s tombstone noting he was a veteran. Now we know that the picture taken in the 1930s by Evelyn’s parents also showed a flag flying over the grave. We found out that not only were there inscriptions on the tombstone for Washington and Elizabeth, but also for their son, George W. Lockard.

George W. Lockards' inscription. Born July 16, 1873 . Died October 21, 1897.
George W. Lockard’s inscription. Born July 16, 1873 . Died October 21, 1897.

“One precious to our hearts
has gone
the voice we loved is still
the place made vacant in
our home
can never more be filled.”

Washington Lockard - Aged 60 yrs 6 mo & 5 days.
Washington Lockard – Aged 60 yrs, 6 mo, & 5 days.
Elizabeth Lockard - At Rest.
Elizabeth Lockard – At Rest.

In 2004 I ordered Washington Lockard’s Civil War Pension Record from the National Archives. How exciting to get back a big fat envelope, one month later, chock full of records, with 100 pages copied. I have always been surprised how much you can learn from these old records. I’ve copied out below just a fraction of the information that the file contains. As shown, the surname was also noted as Lockhard and Lockart.

“Source: Civil War Pension Records, sent 5-19-04 by National Archives Trust Fund, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20408, Pension Claim No. 733.077.
Company C of the 83rd Reg’t, Pennsylvania Infantry, Rank – Private. Enlisted 20 July 1863 at Lancaster, PA, age 27. Honorably discharged on 7 January 1864 at Harewood Hospital, Washington, DC.

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, 1 Nov 1879 – Washington Lockhart, age 47, resident of Windsor, County of York, Pa, enrolled 20 July 1863.
Honorably Discharged at Harewood Hospital, Washington DC 7 Jan 1864.
Age: 31 years; height: 5′ 11″; complexion: dark; hair: dark; eyes: dark.
“He contracted rheumatism becoming sick and disabled on the march from Culpepper to Orange [?] Court House, Va.  He was brought to the hospital Oct 1863 totally unable to walk and greatly swollen all over his body.  He could not move a limb or walk a step at that time. He was at Harewood Hospital at Washington, DC for about 3 months and was discharged from that hospital on grounds of aforesaid disability. since leaving the service this applicant has resided in Lancaster and York Counties, Pa and has been a carpenter. ” Signed by Washington Lockhard. Attest: John S. Stouffer and Levi N. Allison.

Act of June 27, 1890, 4 May 1890, signed by Washington Lockard:
“Wife’s full name and her maiden name – Elizabeth Lockhard, Elizabeth Remick. When, where, and by whom were you married? Sept. 4, 1860, Mt. Joy, Pa by Rev. Howard.  What record of marriage exists? – Marriage certificate. Have you any children living? If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. – Annie Lockhard, March 17, 1861; Alice Lockhard, September 25, 1862; Horace Lockhard, April 1, 1864; Ida Lockhard, December 26, 1866; Manervy Lockard, January 9, 1868.”

20 Feb 1901. Height 5 foot 9 and 1/2 inches, Weight 162, age 68, Black hair mixed with gray, brown eyes.
Occupations: Tobacco Farmer, Carpenter.

General Affidavit on 11 Aug 1905: by Rev. George M. Sheetz, age 33, P.O. in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, PA. “I am the Pastor of the Mount Joy M.E. Church and custodian of the Records of same Church. Amongst said Records I find the following Cert. That on Sept. 4th of 1860 Washington C. Lockard and Eliza Ann Remich were married by Rev. A. Howard, as witnessed by Benjamin Remich.”
17 April 1895. Reason of Pension – Rheumatism and Disease of Heart, age 61, Height – 5 foot 10 inches, weight 170. Pension $8 monthly.

29 Dec 1897, Bureau of Pensions – “Washington Lockhard states he married Eliza. Ann Remich on Sept 4, 1860 by Rev. A. Howard at Mt. Joy, Penn., church Record and Marriage Certificate exists.  Children Living:  Annie Lockhard Eisenberger, 17 March 1861; Alice Lockhard Allison, 28 Sept 1863; Horace Lockhard, 1 April 1865; Ida Lockhard Eisenberger, 26 Dec 1866; Minerva Lockhard Hugentagler, 9 Jan 1869.” [Record shown below with Washington Lockard’s signature].

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4 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – Lockard Family – Mount Rose Cemetery

  1. Keeping family history and stories alive – love it. In England we visited the town of our ancestors and only by chance came upon a cemetery where we found the grave of our 3x great grandparents.


    1. Thanks, Lynne! Those are the kind of moments that give one pause, and then a little bit of awe, and also a lot of joy.


      1. Indeed – I had the strangest sense of them looking down on us as we looked down on them. Wonderful Eureka! moments to the family story searcher. 🙂


  2. Well put, Lynne. I understand that so much, because I always feel at a cemetery both sides are comforted. I always say a little something, and at times ask for guidance as I search their story.


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