Six Word Saturday – Let it snow, but not here!

Six Word SaturdayLet it snow, but not here!

LetItSnow1LetItSnow2Snow days, when school was cancelled, always included plenty of time outside. Do you remember how itchy those wool coats were? Here, a neighbor from across the street, Jackie Emilut, is playing with us. I’m the little blonde tyke, on the sled, that doesn’t look as happy with the snow as the rest of my family. That’s still true, and that is why I moved south!

Six Word Saturday is a blogging prompt suggested by Cate at Show My Face. Keep posted, because one day I may keep my post at only six words! Happy Everything!

12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Let it snow, but not here!

    1. Merry Christmas, and safe travels! Thanks for reading and stopping by to comment. I enjoyed seeing your blog! Cheers, Maryann


    1. Yes, back when I was a kid my parents put snow chains on the car And off we went. Things were simple and everyone went slow in the snow. Now, it is rush, rush, rush! Merry Christmas, and the simple and serene things! cheers, Maryann


  1. Sitting in a big chair with your Cocker Spaniel and the curtains drawn back. While outside the snow is gently falling. Music is playing and you have time to enjoy and recall fond memories. I can do that now, as I don’t have to shovel it anymore or drive through it to get to work. 🙂


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