Six Word Saturday – 8 March 2014

Fearless females learn how to box!

Gen Mirota boxing. 1934
Gen Mirota boxing, 1934

Today’s photograph shows Genevieve Mirota wearing boxing gloves. It was taken in 1934, at her parent’s house in Readington Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Next to her is Ted Lubas, her future husband, with his friend or brother. I love Gen’s stylish striped stockings. The ladies back then had just started to wear cropped pants, called knickers, for outdoor events. How fearless to show so much of y9ur legs! My generation called them pedal pushers, and now they are called capris. Knickers mean something else now!

I had family boxing lessons when I was a girl, as did my sister. She tells a funny story of boxing with a girlfriend, and getting into the punching a little too much. I remember being told to keep my dukes up. Boxing seems to wax and wane through the decades, but I know folks that think it is one of the best exercises.

After a week of nasty ice, sleet, and snow – with the children in my Virginia county missing four of the five days of school – the sun is finally shining. Time to hit the great outdoors, and take my Chessie for a walk.

Six Word Saturday is hosted by Cate, at Show My Face. Take a look at her blog when you have some time. Happy Saturday!

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