Remembering the slow time of childhood ~ Six Word Saturday

DoranSiblingsB_0001Remembering the slow time of childhood.

Right around now, someone would comment about how summer was half over. When I was a child, back to school was always after Labor Day. Until then, the days seemed endless and time slowed down. Here in this photo I’m the little one standing with my siblings, waiting for the school bus.

There were fields on all four sides of our house, and we were allowed to roam. We spent time gleaning ripe fruit and berries, climbing trees like the elephant tree, riding our bikes with siblings and friends, and also hiking up the small mountain behind our house. My parents had two main rules – always have a buddy with you, and come home before dark.

Hope your summer is a relaxing one. When you have a moment, check out other Six Word Saturday musings, hosted by Cate at Show My Face, by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Remembering the slow time of childhood ~ Six Word Saturday

  1. I remember those wonderful endless, carefree summer days. Kids do not have that freedom any more. I know my kids didn’t. Who would feel safe today letting kids run around all day unsupervised? Sigh…


    1. Amy, I agree completely! The reason I had to have a buddy or sibling with me was if I got hurt falling out of a tree or off a bike. The world today is much different. I thought drugs was something you only got at the drugstore! Maybe one day things will change for the better.


      1. I would like to hope so, but given all the fear out there now, I doubt things will ever go back to those (seemingly) innocent times.


    1. Veronica, I always laugh when I see photos of the front of the house without steps. Jumping down kept us agile!!! Love our matching dresses! The sleeveless style was so nice in the hot classroom. Do you think this was when I went to Kindergarten or First Grade?


    1. I miss them too! I think that is why I enjoy living in a rural area again. Folks here enjoy taking time to smell the roses. I enjoyed taking a look at your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.


  2. It is really interesting reading this website — I don’t have a family connection to you that I know about, but I live in Readington Township in one of the Kline Realty houses (moved here 11 years ago). It is a small dutch colonial house like the one in the photos of your grandparents’ place, except I think it is a bit longer as there was an extension put on sometime in the 1950s. There are about 13 such dutch colonial houses of identical design still standing around here that I know of. There are five on Kline Boulevard, at least three on School / Kosciusko Road, a few on Pulaski, one on Mountain that has a large extension to one side, and one on Whitehouse Avenue that may predate the others. Also possibly one on the Whitehouse – Flemington road (it’s been added onto so that it’s hard to tell – I should ask the current owners, maybe they know). So it is interesting to learn about the history of this place and the people who lived here.


    1. Thank you for reading our blog, and for your comments. Sadly my grandparents’ house on Mountain Road was destroyed by the next owner’s family when they died. Joseph Mirota, my grandfather, bought it from the Kline Realty & Improvement Company in 1914, but didn’t move to the house until about 1920. The house was on property that had been the Adrian H. Pickle Farm. The old Pickle cemetery is still there close to the railroad bridge. The deed is in the Hunterdon County Book 311 of Deeds, at page 374, dated 19 August 1914. I’m quite sure I know the other house on Mountain Road that you have mentioned, and many of the others. They are lovely houses. If you want to find out more about your home, and Readington Township, a good place to start is the Hunterdon County Historical Society in Flemington, and ask for Mrs. Stephanie Stephens. Also look for her small interesting books at the library.


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