Camp Croft, South Carolina – 1941 – Brewski Time!

Camp Croft, SC, 1941 - Copyright Genealogy Sisters
Camp Croft, SC, 1941 – Copyright Genealogy Sisters

These World War II Army buddies are enjoying some well deserved R & R in this photograph from 1941. This picture was taken at Camp Croft, South Carolina, and saved by James Doran of Harrison, New Jersey. He was inducted in Newark, NJ, on 25 March 1941. James is the last one on the far right, and this would have been taken when he was 21 or 22 years old.

Camp Croft was a World War II Army Infantry Replacement Center (IRTC), in Spartenburg, South Carolina. From here, James Doran was sent to Camp Gordon, Georgia, serving in the 4th (IVY) Division of the Army, for the duration of the war.

Between 65,000 and 75,000 troops moved through the Croft IRTC every year. Most of the trainees were “selectees” meaning they were men drafted into service through Selective Service rather than volunteers. The men reported first to an induction center, probably in their hometown, and then were sent to a Reception Center. Reception processing ideally required four to five days during which time the men were tested, interviewed and finally recommended for an initial duty or training assignment. The next stop for many selectees was one of the nine IRTCs, all located in the south and Southwest.” Source:

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