Six Word Saturday – Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for all I have!

Mirota Clan 1950s

Giving thanks to my family and ancestors for their love, courage, and fortitude. I’m also thankful for the stories they have shared. Looking back it does seem many of the best stories were told over a good meal. From the left the adults are: Stefie and Jean Mirota, James and Mary Doran, Sophia and Joseph Mirota, and Steve and Joe Mirota.

“For every cup and plateful, God make us truly grateful.” ~ Traditional Grace

4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Giving Thanks

    1. Thanks, Charles! Photos do bring back good memories. I remember a Thanksgiving when my Aunt Stefie, the one on the left, sat on a bench and it broke. She laughed and laughed and said she must not need any extra servings!


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