Six Word Saturday – 5 December 2015

Cake, ice cream, and extra candle!

Celebrating my birthday with Diane, Janet, and David - December 1960 - Photograph copyright Genealogy Sisters 2015.
Celebrating my birthday in 1960 with Diane, Janet, and David – Photograph Copyright 2015 Genealogy Sisters.

My mother always put an extra candle on the cake to grow with. She made the best cakes! I still love celebrating my birthday with cake, Breyers ice cream, and making a wish with friends and family. This year I celebrated at our local Mexican restaurant, and my birthday candle was in a fabulous dessert called Xangos. Looking forward to more birthday fun later this month!

For more Six Word Saturday fun please visit Cate at Show My Face. Happy Saturday!

Copyright 2015 by Maryann Barnes and Genealogy Sisters.

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