Wedding Wednesday – Maria Bogusz and Jan Satkiewicz

SatkiewiczWedding_0001This lovely photograph shows the wedding party of Maria Bogusz and Jan “John” Satkiewicz and was taken by the Stafa Studio, located at 149 East Main Street, Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Although the date is unknown, most likely it was around 1916. By 1920 the family was living in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Two of the bridesmaids were his sisters – Sophie and Maria.

Maria looks so beautiful and serious. How handsome and dapper Jan looks. If eyes are the windows of the soul, all of these eight truly look like they were caring and thoughtful folks. We have a few other wedding portraits from Stafa Studios and they are still in very good shape, considering they were taken almost one hundred years ago.

Maria Bogusz was from Siedliska, Poland. Jan Satkiewicz’s (1892-1983) family was from Bruśnik, Poland. Both towns are in the section of Poland called Małopolskie. Here at Genealogy Sisters we’re not quite sure how the two met, but would really enjoy hearing from anyone in the family. My grandparents, Joseph and Zofia Sczcerba Mirota, saved many photographs from this family, and we think the two families were related back in Poland, through the Olszewski family.

Wedding Wednesday is a blogging prompt suggested by Geneabloggers.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Maria Bogusz and Jan Satkiewicz

  1. It is a beautiful photo; and a very unusual arrangement of the wedding party. I’ve never seen this before. Usually the bride and groom are in the centre, with everyone else around them . This is very cool; and now you’ve got me thinking about maybe cultural differences in how wedding photos were composed. Thanks for posting this.


  2. Thank you, Su, for your interesting observation about the arrangement of the participants! I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re very right. This is the first posting on the Wedding Wednesday prompt theme that I’ve done, so now I’ll be thinking of this thought as I post others.


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