Six Word Saturday – Do you remember a favorite toy?

Do you remember a favorite toy?
Do you remember a favorite toy?

Evelyn Stewart of Kingston, New Jersey, is shown above with one of her favorite toys – a baby doll. Her mother, Maude, wrote on the back, “My dear little Evelyn.” The photo was taken in the early 1920s.

Ben and Evelyn Stewart at Atlantic City, New Jersey
Ben and Evelyn Stewart at Atlantic City, NJ

This next picture may have been taken when Evelyn first received the doll. Evelyn’s father, Benjamin Stewart, looks very dressed up for the beach, so maybe the family went to Atlantic City for a convention. He was one of the founding members of the Kingston Fire Department. He’s wearing a lapel pin, but I can’t tell what it represents.

I always enjoy seeing cherished toys in family photographs. Do you remember your favorite toy? I remember how real my dolls and stuffed animals felt to me as a child.

Six Word Saturday is a blogging prompt suggested by Cate at Show My Face. Happy first Saturday of 2014!

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4 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Do you remember a favorite toy?

  1. What wonderful photos!
    I had many favorite stuffed animals when I was young. They all had names and their own personalities. I used to line them all up on the sofa in a certain order to watch TV or to play school. Those were the days . . . 🙂


  2. Thanks! Those were the days, and we had lots of free time to play. I used to give my stuffed animals baths and keep their noses above water so they wouldn’t drown. I had them lined up, too. My sister told me they came alive at night, and that’s why they moved around. 🙂


  3. My favorite doll was of all things a stuffed woody wood pecker doll. I carried him everywhere and lost him one day in the snow! My now 2 year-old daughter carries her Ernie from Sesame Street doll everywhere with her. These photos are sweet.


    1. Thanks! So nice to know Ernie is timeless and still a favorite toy. Sounds like your woody wood pecker doll became “real” just like the Velveteen Rabbit.


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