Six Word Saturday – Time to start planning a trip!

Time to start planning a trip!
Time to start planning a trip!

My mother wrote on the back of this photo: “Visitor’s Week-end, Oct. 23 – 24, 1965. Maryann in front of the Colonial Motel, Watkins Glen, NY.”

I remember that blue Chevy station wagon with great fondness. It was our first “reliable” car, and it took our family on lots of day-trips and vacations. We always stayed in our home state of New Jersey or New York and Pennsylvania – but they were adventures!

When I looked at this picture I checked online about Watkins Glen, in  New York, and I’m happy to say the Colonial Inn and Motel is still in business. It looks like an affordable no-frills type of place. I remember the motel was within walking distance of the beautiful Watkins Glen State Park, and also Seneca Lake.

Cold winter days are the perfect time to start planning trips. Right now I’m planning trips to Colorado and Texas. How about you? Happy Saturday!

Six Word Saturday is a blogging prompt suggested by Cate at Show My Face.

9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Time to start planning a trip!

    1. Hey Ron, I just got back from our village, and a nice relaxing lunch at the Mexican restaurant there. Happy travels into your town!


    1. I remember calling these wagons boats, too. I think parking spaces were bigger back then. This car had a pull-up bench seat in the back, so it fit nine. Sing-a-long time – See the USA in your Chevrolet!


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