Six Word Saturday – Let me know when Spring arrives!

Let me know when Spring arrives!
Let me know when Spring arrives!

It is still February, but I’m longing for an early spring. Here in southern Virginia we were slammed with that terrible snow and ice storm this week. Of course school was cancelled. The kids here all got their sleds out, and the grown-ups their snow shovels. Snow is a rarity here, so some folks just used their garden shovels. Driving around after the roads were cleared, I saw some amazing huge snowmen in front yards.

I love this photograph above, that my mother took of the annual get the bicycles ready for the good weather day. Some of the bike seats would be raised up, and others lowered, for my sister and brothers. In another year I would be using my brother’s tricycle, but right now I’m the tag-along plopped down in the front. As we got old enough, the four of us were free to roam our neighborhood and visit our friends on our bikes. Of course we always pinned our baseball cards on the spokes to make that great swooshing sound.

DoranBikes2Today I’m off to our local YMCA to exercise on the indoor bikes. Got to get in shape for the nice weather right around the corner. Six Word Saturday is a blogging prompt from Cate at Show My Face. Happy Saturday!

8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Let me know when Spring arrives!

    1. I’m sure we destroyed some legendary baseball cards that way. I liked your ten things on your weekend list! I should be doing my taxes, too.


  1. Jo, I thank you, and also thanks for being my inspiration. I always enjoy your SWS postings and your photographs. Spring is in sight, since I’ve seen some daffodils poking through the frozen ground. 🙂


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