Six Word Saturday – Time to smile for the camera!

Time to smile for the camera!
Time to smile for the camera!

Sometimes the camera clicks just when siblings are really smiling, and this was one of those times. My sister, brothers, and I have an assortment of smirks and grins, and I’m quite sure there is an effort to make our kitten smile, too. Being the youngest I don’t always remember why a certain photograph was taken, but luckily my sweet siblings usually do.

Family history is like that – little snippets of information gathered from different branches of the family, that we then record. I’m so lucky that my sister enjoys genealogy as much as I do, and we’re always digging through records and photographs looking for any clues. And lucky for us, that our brothers enjoy hearing about what we’ve dug up.

Genealogy Sisters
Genealogy Sisters

Here in Virginia, I went to a flower festival with my husband this morning, and we bought some hellebores, also know as Lenton Rose, and a small flowering evergreen shrub called Sarcococca confusa, or Sweet Box, to plant outside. That love of discovering new plants is something my siblings and I share. My husband would rather be out on the lake canoeing and fishing, so that’s next on our Saturday to-do list, and sure to make him smile.

I hope your Saturday is bringing a smile to your face! Happy Saturday! Show My Face is a blogging prompt suggested by Cate. Take a look, or join in the fun.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – Time to smile for the camera!

  1. It’s awful that I don’t like to have my pictures taken (self conscious about my weight and teeth) ..this means that I won’t have pictures of me with my kids. 😦 ..thanks for the reminder, I got some things to take care of.


  2. I know my mom was self conscious when she lost some teeth before her bridge, but I love those photos where she is smiling anyway and showing her fine spirit! My vote is go and have some photos taken with your kids, right now. They will cherish having pictures. Thanks for reading my post!


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