Military Monday – Wasik Family of Pennsylvania

Wasik Men with Family Memorial
Wasik Men with Family Memorial

This photograph shows four of the Wasik family from Burgettstown, Washington County, Pennsylvania that served during World War Two and the Korean War. The memorial stone marker is at the entrance to the farm of John Wasik (1887-1934) and Katarzyna “Katie” Bronczyk Wasik (1895-1981), where they raised twelve children. The marker reads that nine sons served during those years, and it also lists those of the family that served on the home front. All of the family that served in the military came home safe and sound. Shown here above are: Stanly, John, August, and Paul Wasik.

Here below is another photograph of the family that includes sisters Sophie and Helen. These two pictures were sent to my sister in 2000, by their cousin Chester Wasik, along with an invitation to come to one of the Wasik Family Annual Ho-Down Reunions. We are so happy we accepted, and went to one of these reunions. The Wasiks were cousins of our mother. We brought along lots of our “unknown” photos and solved quite a few mysteries. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Serving during WWII and the Korean War:  Stanley, Joseph, Adam, Walter, John, Edward, Marion, August, and Paul Wasik

At the reunion we were thrilled to get to talk to Chester Wasik, one of the seven children of Stanley Wasik (1889-1969) and Jadwiga “Jennie” Stoklosa Wasik (1897-1990) of McDonald, PA. He also served during World War Two. Chester enlisted in July of 1942. Here below is one of the pictures our family saved of Chester Wasik.

Chester J. Wasik
Chester Wasik

Today I want to salute the Wasik Family for their years of dedicated service in the military of the USA. Military Monday is a blogging prompt suggested by GeneaBloggers. Thank you to all that serve, and all that bear the burden of waiting for news of their loved ones.

7 thoughts on “Military Monday – Wasik Family of Pennsylvania

    1. GP, I thank you for your kind comments, for being a reader of my postings, and for all you do sharing on your blog – Lest We Forget!


  1. Hello,My name is Mateusz Cydejko and i come from Poland. Im a owner of a book written in 1918 about history of Poland,which was published in United States.Its dedicated to Mr.John Anthony Wasik, “John Antoni Wasik 1942 rok, Pamiątka od Pana Aleksandra Szachna”. Im interested in history and i think this book should find a place in your family heirlooms. Greetings from Poland.


    1. Pamiątka, would mean a keepsake or remembrance from Mrs. Szachna, right? Our Jan Wasik died in 1934, and I don’t think this dedication was to anyone in our family, but it is very thoughtful of you to contact us. Wasik is a rather common Polish surname. Where in Poland did you come across this book? Greetings from Virginia, USA!


      1. I think its about this man: I was sure he was a member of your family.I bought the book from my friend.Could you help me in finding John Anthon Wasik family? I would be very thankful,heirlooms like that should rest within family,so they would be teaching modern youth about their ancestors ,thanks for replying. Greetings from Opolskie in Poland!


  2. Dobry wieczór Mateusz, I think you are right, and that this man was from West Rutland, Vermont. This John A. Wasik did serve in World War Two, and would have been the right age. Since the family requested contributions in his memory be made to the West Rutland Historical Society, when he died in 2013, it is possible they have the address of his children that may still live in this town. This looks like a small town where people know one another! Try emailing the West Rutland Historical Society:
    This is the link to their webpage:
    I would think Mr. Wasik’s children would be honored to have the book. Good luck!


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