Six Word Saturday – 22 March 2014

Wondering what was under the table

Doran Clan - Copyright Genealogy SistersIn this family photograph from the 50s, Cousin Beth is looking at something under the table. My sister suggested it could have been one of our cats or dogs. My sister is looking lovingly at me. I’m the baby looking up at beautiful Aunt Betty. One brother is checking out what is under the table, while being held by our father. My other brother is looking right at the camera held by our mother. Uncle Harry is holding our cousin Butchie, who is looking at the ceiling. At least Mom got four of us to look at the camera!

Six Word Saturday is suggested by Cate at Show My Face. Happy Saturday!

15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday – 22 March 2014

    1. You are a true detective at heart! The photo had March 56 stamped on it. And I love old Formica tables, too! 🙂


  1. I like that photo, and I’m guessing here, but either the one child dropped something, or maybe there was a dog or cat under the table!


    1. I agree! She just loved having me as a baby sister (so she tells me). And the camera doesn’t lie. I’ve always loved having her as my older sissy!


    1. Thanks Amy! It does capture the time with the black corded phone, Formica table, and the clothing. True 50s style!


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