Looking Back in Time – Sisters Sharing

Genevieve and Mary Mirota
Genevieve and Mary Mirota – Sisters and Best Friends

Looking back in time is what my sister and I enjoy doing together. My sister made the first Genealogy Sisters blog post on 16 December 2011, and since then we’ve been going strong in our family research. Thank you to Geneabloggers for reminding us that it is our blogiversary! We started researching our genealogy and  family lineages way before that, in the 1990s.

I use notebooks to jot down what I’m working on. It is easy that way to look back through the years of research, and sometimes my past notes remind me of leads I have forgotten to investigate. Many relatives and friends of our family have contacted us, and we are so thankful for that! I really like the comments section of our blog, because of the sharing of resources, and also the encouragement of others.

I love this family picture above of Mary and Gen Mirota – sisters off on an adventure. They grew up in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Mary was born in 1913 and her big sister Gen in 1909. Their parents had come over from Poland for a better life. The girls loved their parents, but also wanted to be modern gals, so as soon as they were old enough and on their own they bobbed their hair. Boy, was their mother mad at them, because long hair was a woman’s shining glory.  I’m so happy they shared their stores!

Good luck researching your family, and also collecting stories along with facts!

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