Radio Flyer Fun On the Roof – Six Word Saturday

Radio Flyer fun on the roof!

Mary Mahoney Doran is being helped out of the little wagon by her son-in-law, Walter.
Mary Mahoney Doran being helped out of the little wagon by her son-in-law, Walter.

I love this photo of my grandmother up on the roof of her apartment on Ferry Street in Newark, New Jersey. Based on the ages of her first two grandchildren, Joseph and James, it was taken around 1951. Also shown are two of her sons, Bernard and William, her daughter, Margaret, and her daughter-in-law, Mary.

Jo-Jo and Jimek getting a turn riding the wagon.

Since I really enjoy doing family research, I had to try to match up this apartment with the Newark, New Jersey City Directories. Lucky for me there was a match!

Source: Databases: U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989. Newark, NJ, 1951. Record accessed 5/13/2015.
Source: Databases: U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989. City Directory of Newark, NJ, 1951.

Our Doran clan were the ones living at 104 Ferry Street. Some of the other Dorans listed are also related to us. William and Rose Doran were my father’s uncle and aunt, and the other Bernard listed was his cousin. According to my father, this apartment was close to Jackson Street. When I searched the address it showed a place closer to Penn Station, so I think the street numbering has changed.

Ready to climb in the wagon!

I really loved going to visit Nana in the city! Since so many of her children lived with her, or right around the block, the visits were always filled with family fun and good food. This section of Newark is sometimes called Down Neck or the Ironbound. Some of the best restaurants in New Jersey are still located in this small section of Newark.

Take a look at Cate’s blog, Show My Face, for some other SWS postings. Hope you get outside for some weekend fun. Happy Saturday!
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12 thoughts on “Radio Flyer Fun On the Roof – Six Word Saturday

  1. Old photographs are so fun to see. I saw a photograph on Mother’s day of my great grandma, grandma, and grandpa from the 1920’s that I had never seen before. They were amazing.


  2. Amazing website!. Our Barnes line definately cross. I’ll be spending the weekend looking at it. How does Poland come into your family as my wife’s family is 2nd generation Polish.


    1. Hi Rodney, My one set of grandparents were born in Poland, and my other side were Irish. I also blog about my husband’s Barnes family. His grandfather, Ernest Barnes, was from North Carolina and Ernest married Helen Barnes from Ireland. Do your Barnes family come from Wayne or Johnston counties in North Carolina? Here is a link to another blog that I have that is about my husband’s family.


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