Surname Saturday – Wasik Family

Surname Saturday looks at the history behind our family names. "Wasik Name Meaning. Polish (Wasik): descriptive nickname from a diminutive of was ‘moustache’ (see Was).Polish and Ukrainian: from a pet form of the personal name Wasyl, Polish form of Greek Basileios (see Basil). Eastern German: nickname from Sorbian wasik ‘crawler’" [Source:]. There are two … Continue reading Surname Saturday – Wasik Family

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – First Grandchild

Grandchildren are such a joy and a blessing. My Polish grandmother, with her hands resting on her daughter's shoulders, was called Bapcia. I'm not sure what Mary Lubas was called, but you can see she is beaming, too. Paternal grandparents, John and Mary Lubas, were from Montgomery Township, Somerset County, New Jersey. All four grandparents … Continue reading (Almost) Wordless Wednesday – First Grandchild

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today I'm celebrating some of the remarkable women in my family tree. Women's History Month is celebrated in March, and since today is International Women's Day I'm remembering some very important women - grandmothers and great-grandmothers of my beloved children - trailblazing, funny, smart, beautiful, and amazing ladies, one and all. International Women's Day - … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!